2020 Prestige Samphire lodge

Luxury, luxury, luxury!

The Prestige Samphire is a luxury lodge by anyone’s standards, from the moment you choose which door to enter you know this lodge is a little bit different.

2020 Prestige Samphire lodge

The main door is on the side of the unit and has a storeroom, an outdoor shower and an external entrance to one of the bathrooms – and that’s before you even get to the front door! The outdoor shower is the perfect place to wash the dog or rinse off wetsuits on the decking before entering the Samphire lodge.

2020 Prestige Samphire lodge outdoor hosing area

Through the main front door is an area to hang and store your outdoor clothing, with a great shoe bench and cupboards for any manner of outdoor paraphernalia.

2020 Prestige Samphire lodge entrance

Entering the rest of the lodge you have the kitchen and lounge to your right and the sleeping accommodation area to your left.

The lounge and kitchen are a mixture of natural wood and modern industrial chic.

2020 Prestige Samphire lodge interior

The floor is beech with white panel walls to the front and rear; the side walls are oak and have a great natural look. The combination of pure whites and warm wood create a homely modern feel. Floor to ceiling radiators complement the design.

2020 Prestige Samphire lodge lounge

2020 Prestige Samphire lodge lounge

The kitchen maintains the modern natural theme.

2020 Prestige Samphire lodge kitchen

The worktop is a grey beech style and the unit fascia are a matte grey.

2020 Prestige Samphire lodge kitchen

Above the dining table, which looks like it’s made from reclaimed distressed wood, is a cluster of incandescent bulbs hanging from a mini steel I-beam.

2020 Prestige Samphire lodge kitchen

The kitchen features a chrome extractor, wine fridge, fridge freezer, five-burner hob and a very stylish double sink. Opposite the oven is the breakfast bar which splits the kitchen off from the rest of the room, it’s finished in a Tuscan walnut look, adding to the warmth in this cool modern kitchen.

2020 Prestige Samphire lodge kitchen breakfast bar

Moving through to the accommodation area, the second bedroom is the first room you come across. Two large single beds, an eight-foot wardrobe and no less than three windows tells you how much thought has gone into the design of this lodge.

2020 Prestige Samphire lodge twin bedroom

It’s a great room for kids, guests and anyone you want to show off your Samphire to!

Next along is the master bedroom, again thoroughly stylish with whites, greys, oaks and pine finishes.

2020 Prestige Samphire lodge master bedroom

To the right of the bed is the en-suite bathroom, with two huge wardrobes flanking it on either side. Access is through a three-piece sliding door which also disguises the wardrobes.

2020 Prestige Samphire lodge master bedroom wardrobes

The main bathroom is simply gorgeous and would not look out of place in the most high-end of boutique hotels.

2020 Prestige Samphire lodge ensuite

From the large showers with rainfall and normal rose to the huge circular backlit mirror above the wide sink and storage unit. Everything in here shouts luxury.

2020 Prestige Samphire lodge ensuite

Opposite the master bedroom is the second bathroom which has an exterior access door as well for when washing is essential before bringing muddy shoes or pawns into the Samphire lodge. It’s fitted with the same fixtures as the en-suite but with the added bonus of a full-sized bath and shower combo.

2020 Prestige Samphire lodge bathroom

The last room in the Prestige lodge is the third or kids bedroom. This is a great fun design, with fixed bunk beds in a novel nautical theme (each bed comes complete with its own porthole!)

2020 Prestige Samphire lodge kids bedroom

Along with the large window, each bed has a window sill and porthole behind the pillow. It’s fun and cool, and even makes you wonder why there isn’t a room like this for adults!

2020 Prestige Samphire lodge kids bedroom

There’s a cushioned bench, which is also a chest of drawers, along with a walk-in wardrobe for all the kids’ outfits and more besides.

Verdict: Everything has been carefully designed and thought out in the Prestige Samphire lodge, an excellent benchmark of luxury.

Plus points: Great bathroom, accessible from the outside, and brilliant kids’ bedroom.

Minus points: None

In-a-nutshell: Beautiful on the outside as well as the inside, this is a fantastic modern luxury lodge.

Size: 45ft x 22ft

Build standard: BS3632 Residential Standard

Sleeps: Six

Bedrooms: Three

Ex-works price: £159,700 (including VAT)*

Other Samphire layouts: Also available in a 45ft x 22ft two bedroomed layout.

If you’re looking to buy this holiday lodge why not get a great lodge insurance quote from us today.

For more information visit www.prestigeparkandleisurehomes.co.uk

*Extra charges will be made by park operators and/or distributors for transport and siting and annual maintenance. Please check the price carefully before you commit to buy as prices vary considerably dependant amongst other factors, on the geographical location of your chosen park.

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