Video: 2022 Omar Boutique holiday lodge

The word ‘boutique’ conjures images of delightful hotel rooms, gorgeously equipped, of styling individuality – and of luxury.

The Omar Group has translated the word ‘boutique’ into holiday lodge parlance with a creation that features all of the above elements in abundance, plus much more.

2022 Omar Boutique holiday lodge

Space is a keynote in the all-new Omar Boutique.
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This 40ft x 20ft lodge we review has a wide-open aspect to its lounge-dining-kitchen area. Light floods in from windows on two sides and the offset elevation of the roofline enhances the feeling of space. The style is rustic; a blend of reclaimed wood, ‘wine boxes’ (of which more later), and palest fawn, combined with white for the kitchen cabinets.

2022 Omar Boutique holiday lodge

A log burning style stove creates a cosy and luxurious style element. (It’s electric, of course but it looks like the real thing). It’s in the Omar Boutique’s dining area, nestled in a rustic ‘brick’ fireplace that’s topped with a reclaimed wood mantel and sits on a black tiled hearth.

2022 Omar Boutique holiday lodge

And the ‘wine boxes’? That’s the feature wall of the dining area. Chateau la Couronne 2008, Chateau Gifeau, Marques de Maba Reserva, Chateau Vielle Vigne, with some vintage port thrown in for good measure, make up a wall of traditional wine boxes – or so it looks at first glance until you examine this cleverly designed wallcovering more closely and realise it’s actually not made of wood at all, but is an artistic creation complete with realistic-looking ‘staples’ to make it look as if the boxes are attached to one another.

2022 Omar Boutique holiday lodge

The dining table and three lounge coffee tables get the wood feature treatment, too, this time in geometric shapes of wood inlaid to create a stunning pattern. The dining chairs are comfortably large – and heavy, yet they’re easy to slide in and out out thanks to handles built into the backrests.

2022 Omar Boutique holiday lodge

Perhaps it’s the kitchen that best epitomises the Omar Boutique’s rustic-meets-modern styling. The grey and fawn colour palette ensures the modern element and the cabinet doors, finished in reclaimed style with a prominent grain, create the overall rustic look.

2022 Omar Boutique holiday lodge

This is essentially a galley kitchen, with the sink, fridge-freezer, oven-grill and microwave on one side and the five-burner hob set into the breakfast bar island unit that forms the demarcation between the Boutique’s kitchen and lounge.

2022 Omar Boutique holiday lodge

One end of the island unit curves its way towards the patio doors and two stools are placed perfectly for perching with a coffee mug anytime.

2022 Omar Boutique holiday lodge

The statement feature of the Omar Boutique’s lounge is the window seat, set into the large box-bay window that’s an outstanding exterior feature of the sunning holiday lodge.

2022 Omar Boutique holiday lodge

The sofas and armchair provide sink-into comfort but it’s the window seat that gives the lounge its awesome appeal.

2022 Omar Boutique holiday lodge

The Boutique is packed with unique elements and this includes the layout of the second bedroom. Twin beds are placed at opposing angles, each facing the opposite direction and with plenty of space between them.

2022 Omar Boutique holiday lodge

A large wardrobe with two drawers beneath and a cuboid, bright turquoise upholstered stool complete the furnishings. Horizontally aligned, planking in palest fawn clads the walls and the wardrobe doors are slightly rustic in finish; delightful!

2022 Omar Boutique holiday lodge

There’s a turquoise upholstered stool in the main bedroom, too; this time on a white base, sitting under the desk-style dressing table that has bright, white lights set into stark, black-framed shades on each side.

2022 Omar Boutique holiday lodge

Turquoise makes an appearance in a subtle way, also, in the bedhead fabric, here teamed with brown, set into a recessed wall, finished in reclaimed wood; here again, modernity meets rustic – the design theme of the Omar Boutique holiday lodge.

2022 Omar Boutique holiday lodge

This is a characterful room in which detail such as the copper handles on the cabinets injects the modern touch alongside the rustic beam that runs along the full length of the room.

2022 Omar Boutique holiday lodge

The corridor that leads to the en-suite shower room is almost hidden, disguised by the recess in which the bedhead sits. A window and a wardrobe recess are in the corridor that takes you to the super luxurious shower room that adheres to the Boutique’s grey and fawn colour theme, with shower wall boarding that features more reclaimed wood style; pale, subtle and very effective.

2022 Omar Boutique holiday lodge

The bathroom, opposite the entrance hallway, has the same styling. Unusually, the bath (with shower) is P-shaped, so the shower sector is larger than the rest of the bath.

2022 Omar Boutique holiday lodge

The Omar Boutique lodge is also available in 45ft x 20ft and 50ft x 20ft sizes; the 50ft version has three bedrooms and a utility room.

In this video, we take a look around the 2022 Omar Boutique holiday lodge.


Verdict: The Omar Boutique is a holiday lodge of cutting-edge style, bringing together rustic and super-modern elements.

Its top-and-tail second bedroom layout is inventive and so much more appealing than side-by-side twin beds.

The log burner style fire with its rustic mantel, the grooves inset into the work surface to create a draining area, and the spectacular wine box dining area wallcovering combines to give this luxury lodge outstanding character and make sure it most certainly lives up to its Boutique name.

Plus points: The lounge window seat; the second bedroom layout; the reclaimed wood-meets-modern styling and the galley-plus-island kitchen layout.

Minus points: None to mention!

In-a-nutshell: Any expectations you might have about holiday lodge styling will be far exceeded by the Omar Boutique. This lodge is packed with amazing elements that combine to create eyewatering style – and luxury

2022 Omar Boutique holiday lodge

Size: 40ft x 20ft

Build standard: BS3632

Sleeps: Four

Bedrooms: Two

Other sizes available: 45ft x 20ft with two bedrooms; 50ft x 20ft with three bedrooms

Ex-works price: £138,453*

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Spotted in the classifieds: A 2022 Omar Boutique holiday lodge with four bedrooms sited in Cheshire (CW8). Sited costs £295,000.

Cost to insure this sited holiday lodge would be £766**

**Leisuredays holiday lodge insurance quote based on 2022 Omar Boutique holiday lodge insured for £300,000 (£295,000 for structure and £5,000 contents). Owners are a 68-year-old retired couple with previous holiday caravan insurance and three years no claim discount. Holiday lodge fitted with decking and an alarm system. £5,000 contents included. £75 excess applies. Insurance premium includes insurance premium tax at the current rate and is correct as of 05/01/2022.

For more information visit Omar Park and Leisure Homes or call 0345 257 0400.

*Extra charges will be made by park operators and/or distributors for transport and siting and annual maintenance. Please check the price carefully before you commit to buy as prices vary considerably dependant amongst other factors, on the geographical location of your chosen park.

5 comments on “Video: 2022 Omar Boutique holiday lodge

  1. The lounge could do with an injection of colour and patterned curtains. As it is it is dull and boring. The stools at breakfast bar look cheap. I would not consider buying as it is. At the price there is much better on the market.

  2. And doesn’t that just show what a rip off industry this is. One hundred and sixty grand to transport and site?????
    You lot should be kicking off about these kind of prices.

    1. Hi David, prices vary from park to park dependant on their location and desirability. Our review model was a three-bed Boutique not sited on a park, but the one quoted on a park development was a bigger four-bed model.

  3. I agree looks dull with awful cheap looking coffee tables. The only colour is the cushions on the bed which look like an afterthought to brighten things up, sorry !

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