Common static caravan insurance claims

At Leisuredays we hope most of your holiday caravan trips are relaxing – but we know not every stay is trouble-free. And sometimes the great British weather can wreak havoc on holiday parks up and down the country. So that’s where we as static caravan and lodge insurance specialists step in.

Common static caravan insurance claims

We’ve delved into our records to see what the most common caravan insurance claims were in 2019.

#1 Accidental damage

Topping the holiday caravan insurance claims chart was accidental damage. Almost half of all insurance claims were for accidental damage, either internally and externally.

static caravan insurance claim panel damage

Claims for accidental damage to the outside of the caravan included panel damage, smashed windows, cracks in patio doors and skylights.

Animals such as pheasants and other birds have been known to cause some window damage! Mishaps with lawnmowers and golf balls – or cars and bikes making a wrong turn have caused chips, cracks and dents.

static caravan insurance claim for smashed window

In terms of personal possessions, we dealt with numerous claims for cracks to shower trays and TVs being knocked or dropped, plus spilt red wine and even a hot iron dropped on the carpet!

#2 Escape of water

Burst pipes, plus damage caused by leaking toilets, showers and dishwashers; as well as taps left running causing the water to overflow, were just some of the static caravans claims in 2019, sometimes causing thousands of pounds of damage.

#3 Storm damage

When it comes to the great British weather, storm damage accounted for 15 per cent of our holiday caravan claims in 2019 with high winds sometimes causing extensive damage – particularly to caravan roofs and side panels! In some cases, strong winds have blown the tiles off the roof or even blown off the whole roof!

static caravan insurance claim for storm damage

Storms have also damaged storage boxes, and in some cases, garden furniture has been blown into a static caravan causing damage. This highlights the importance of tying down these items before you leave or taking them inside.

caravan storage shed

Wayward tree branches during stormy weather have also caused damage to static caravan roofs or decking and vents being blown off in stormy have then led to water ingress and damage to floors and walls

#4 Boiler damage

In at number four of our top static caravan insurance claims was boiler damage – but this only accounted for five per cent of our claims.

#5 Vandalism

Similarly, although vandalism made the top five claims, they were only a handful of incidents where customers made a claim in 2019.

Common vandalism claims were for smashed doors or windows, plus there was damage caused to a hot tub lid.


Average claims costs in 2019 ranged from hundreds of pounds to tens of thousands of pounds after static caravans were completely damaged by fire, burst pipes or even vermin!

Static caravan insurance explained

A static caravan insurance policy should protect your holiday caravan from the effects of stormy weather, fire, flooding, theft, vandalism and accidental damage, should disaster strike.

static caravan insurance claim for fire

Fixtures and fittings, such as your caravan decking, fencing and sheds are covered and many will also offer static caravan contents cover for things like TVs and garden furniture. Some policies like that of Leisuredays’ offers special occasion contents cover if you’re celebrating Christmas, a special birthday or even a wedding at your caravan – basically extra cover for gifts before and after the event.

2017 Prestige Lookout garden furniture

Leisuredays’ holiday caravan insurance policy also includes cover for removal of debris and resiting of a new unit if your existing caravan is so badly damaged that it needs to be replaced. As well as £500 locks and keys cover if they are lost, damaged or stolen.

Resiting static caravan

How do you make an insurance claim?

If you do need to make an insurance claim, simply call the claims team on 01422 501085, or you can refer to our customer zone ‘Making a claim‘ section.

Find out more about our static caravan insurance or cover for your holiday lodge.

And remember, it’s important to keep your static caravan insurance up-to-date and to make sure you have cover all-year-round, as accidents or damage can happen at any time.

Over to you…

Have you ever had to make a static caravan or holiday lodge insurance claim? Feel free to share your stories and experiences in the comments box below.

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