Do you have extra heating in your static caravan in winter?

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Holiday caravans are not as well insulated as houses and with many holiday parks staying open longer over winter it might be time to start thinking about some extra heating.

Static Caravan in winter

We know many owners like to get some good use out of their static caravan, and why not? So, in this month’s community poll, we’d like to know if you have extra heating in your static caravan in winter?

Maybe you have a portable heater or an oil-filled radiator, or maybe you just stock up on some extra blankets, wear some extra thermal layers or fill up the hot water bottles?

We’ll report back the results in November along with some tips on keeping extra warm in your static caravan in winter.

30 comments on “Do you have extra heating in your static caravan in winter?

  1. I have an oil filled radiator and leave the central heating on 24/7 on low. But I live in it.

  2. We use electric heaters when it gets cold as the central heating uses up too much of the bottled gas.

  3. Two additional Delongi oil filled radiators to support the central heating system through the day.

  4. we have electric heaters only able to use up to 4kw so in the winter it is hard to keep warm
    the gas heater we have supplies hot water only.
    The water is turned of and drained over the winter incase of freezing we do go to caravan on odd days but it is a bit of a mess around turning on and draining down to use toilet act

  5. We have the heating on but the Lounge is warm when the bedrooms are still cold. So, we put an oil filled radiator on in our bedroom for an hour before we go to bed.

  6. We are from Yorkshire never gets too cold for van heating to cope with. Have added extra insulation under floor

  7. We use 2 oil heaters, one in the main bedroom & one in the lounge to supplement our warm air heating. On arriving on a Friday night we pop hot water bottles in the bed, fire up the heating & decamp to the local hostelry for an hour!

  8. Electric blanket on bed, spare electric heater in case of any problems with central heating.

  9. We have portable fan heater in bedroom, plus electric blanket in bed – cosy!
    Only use central heating for an hour in morning to get up, and an hour at night before jumping into bed, as uses too much bottled gas.

  10. Caravan centrally heated and has an electric fire in the lounge but we also use a small fan heater in the bedroom of an evening and first thing in the morning.

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