Five tips for keeping your static caravan drains fresh

When you’re not always at your holiday caravan it can be hard to keep on top of maintenance and stinky jobs like keeping your sinks and drains fresh!

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Here are five top tips for keeping your static caravan drains fresh.

  1. Mix some baking soda with boiling water and pour down the drain to release any build-up of food debris, hair and soap waste. Let the mixture stand for a while to work its magic before running taps to rinse it through. Hot vinegar is also an effective cleaning agent.
  2. Check the pipes are not blocked and are flushing away waste and water. The kitchen sink is a good place to start by making sure fat hasn’t solidified and is causing a blockage in the trap under the sink.
  3. If your sink hasn’t been used for a while dirty water can become stagnant and smelly in the sink traps. Check any drainage vents are not clogged and flush through your pipes with hot water.
  4. In the shower plughole and drains, use a drainage rod to pull up hair that might be clogging up the drain and giving off a bad smell. Then rinse with baking soda, vinegar, and hot water.
  5. Check the pipes under the caravan are not sagging and holding stagnant water. If water is unable to run away you might get a build-up of stagnant water.

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Over to you…?

Got any advice for keeping static caravan drains fresh that you’d like to pass on to other owners. Please comment in the box below.

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