Four tips for looking after your static caravan drains

It’s important to look after your static caravan drains to prevent blockages and nasty smells.

As well as our tips for keeping your drains fresh, we bring you five top tips for looking after your holiday caravan’s drains, in partnership with specialist drainage company Express Drainage Solutions.

      1. Remove rather than flush through

If you have a big blockage in your static caravan’s drainage systems, it’s always better to remove it rather than pushing it deeper down.

caravan drains waste pipes

While strong drain unblocking chemicals or plungers can be handy for one-off blockages, dealing with consistent blockages, in the same way, can cause more serious issues in the long run, deeper inside your pipes. Try flushing out your pipes with extremely hot water to break down insoluble fats. If this doesn’t work, you might need to call in the professionals

      2. Avoid foreign waste

The best way to look after any of your holiday caravan drains is to avoid washing foreign and problematic waste down toilets and plugholes in the first place.

One of the most common causes of drain blockages is caused by the accumulation of grease and fat around the circumference of the pipe. This happens when liquid grease and fat are washed down the plughole during washing up.

The blockage happens as the grease cools down and solidifies, causing the pipe to narrow dramatically.

If you have greasy roasting trays, grills or frying pans it’s worth wiping or scraping fatty waste material into the bin before washing them up.

      3. Buy a hair or filter strainer

Human hair is also a major clog factor as it tends to build up and get stuck inside pipes. The simplest way to avoid your caravan drains becoming blocked by hair build-up is to install simple mesh filters over all your shower and bath drains.

Hair filter showershroom
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A mesh filter that sits in or over the sink plug will also trap food waste from running into your drains.

The filters can be lifted out and then the collected waste can be easily thrown away in the bin.

           4. If in doubt call in the experts

Express Drainage Solutions offer a full range of services and solutions to solve all your drainage issues and your park owner might also have an on-site service or know of a local expert if you’re having trouble with blocked drains or bad smells from your sinks and showers etc.

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Over to you…

Got any other tips for looking after your holiday caravan drains you’d like to share with other owners? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments box below.

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