Holiday caravans of a lifetime…

A static caravan or holiday lodge is a huge investment and it seems one, that last for some, lasts a lifetime!

Last month we asked how often owners changed their holiday caravan and here we bring you the results.

Almost half of our poll voters (44 per cent) told us they don’t plan to change their holiday caravan in the next 20 years.

However, 23 per cent voted for changing their static caravan or lodge every five to 10 years – well it can be nice to keep up with the latest trends!

Some holiday parks might stipulate a maximum age of caravan or lodge that can be sited on a park, so check your site agreement. This might have also had a bearing on how owners voted.

Fourteen percent voted to change their unit every 10 to 15 years but justĀ 10 per cent said they would look to change their holiday caravan every five years or less.

Only eight per cent reported that they would have a change every 15 to 20 years.

Your comments…

Many of the comments highlighted that they would not change their caravan, only when they were required to do so by the park operator.

Michael Saunders said their holiday caravan met their needs so he had no plans to change: “Have a 15 year lease on plot so suspect could have to change at that point,” he commented.

Christine Whitmore would have kept her caravan but had to upgrade once it reached 15 years old, because of her park rules, and Phil Ridings said his park said owners had to change every 20 years.

Debra Harris said it would depend on the build quality of the caravan.

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