Poll: Have you made a static caravan insurance claim?

Static caravan insurance gives you that extra peace of mind that you’re covered should your holiday home be damaged by fire, flooding, or stormy weather – as well as those accidental mishaps.

static caravan insurance claim - fallen tree

In this month’s community poll, we’d like to know if you’ve ever had to make a static caravan insurance claim, and if so what kind of claim it was. Feel free to also add any comments about your claim in the box below.

Have you had to make an insurance claim?

Remember if you need to make a claim make sure you take steps to protect your holiday caravan and belongings from further damage and if possible, take photos of any damage. Don’t throw away damaged items or carry out non-emergency repairs which could cause more damage and register your claim as soon as you possibly can.

Did you know? You can now report non-urgent claims online using our web form.

We’ll report back the results in November and we’ll take a look at our common holiday caravan insurance claims this spring and summer.

For a holiday caravan insurance quote or to find out more about our extensive cover visit our static caravan insurance page.

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