Poll: How long have you owned a holiday caravan?

POLL NOW CLOSED – Thanks to everyone who voted

We insure caravanners of all ages, but in this month’s poll we’d like to know exactly how many years you’ve owned a holiday caravan?

Holiday caravan park

Are you new to static caravan or lodge ownership or an old-timer? Vote today and see if we can find our longest-serving static caravanner or lodge owner!

Plus feel free to share any stories about why you’ve recently bought a static caravan or what you love most about your holiday park and caravanning.

We’ll reveal the results and publish some of our favourite comments in September.

Happy voting!

7 comments on “Poll: How long have you owned a holiday caravan?

  1. Lost heating as a result of mouse taking a liking to the heating feed pipe. Could not find entry point £150 later

    1. We had two rat attacks on heating pipes under lodge through plywood lining. Sorted with perimeter lodge and decking internal lining of 8mm galvanised steel mesh. So far so good plus four external bait boxes as back up.

  2. All about family memories through 4 generations. Caravan is full of family photos and inherited ornaments. We love our site as it is well maintained, friendly, a small pool for the grandchildren and dog friendly. Only an hour’s distance from home with lovely beaches. Smiles all round!

  3. caravan on Haven site bed here 14 years finding site fees a bit too high as we dont use facilities

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