Poll results the most common static caravan insurance claims

Last month we were eager to find out how many of you have ever made a claim on your static caravan or lodge insurance, and if so, what the claim was for.

Making a claim is never fun but it’s interesting to see the types of scenarios that most of you have experienced. It’s also useful to familiarise yourself with claims that may potentially affect you one day.

We gave you six claims to choose from and received over 100 votes.

Let’s reveal the results….

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The most popular claim, with a good 7% chunk of the final vote, was for bad weather which most likely relates to stormy conditions and high winds – add to this the 1% of claims for flooding. Next, scoring 5% was accidental damage claims, followed by theft claims, which received 1% of the vote. Many of these claims are completely random and unpreventable so it shows the value of taking out specialist holiday caravan insurance cover.

Fortunately none of you who voted had ever been victim to a total loss claim meaning your static caravan or lodge has never had to be replaced! Unfortunately write offs do occur from time to time though – a great insurance benefit to consider for such instances is new for old cover – meaning your caravan or lodge will be replaced with new in the event of it being damaged beyond economic repair.

It’s not too late to have your say!

Share your claims story in the comment box below.
We’ll have a new poll for you shortly.

2 comments on “Poll results the most common static caravan insurance claims

  1. why is my caravan site charging me £35 to check my insurance documents. This has never happened before.

    1. Hi Brenda,

      Thanks for getting in touch. The £35 you’ve been asked to pay is an administration fee set out by the park to cover costs involved in collecting customers’ insurance schedules and ensuring insurance cover is in place. This is to meet with the standard park contract which customers on the park sign to say they are insured.

      Many thanks

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