Protecting your static caravan or holiday lodge this winter

As you’ve probably noticed, it’s getting colder and we’re all wrapping up and bracing ourselves when venturing outside, but don’t forget that if you haven’t done so already, it’s time to protect your static caravan or holiday lodge from the elements too.

During last year’s ‘big freeze’, Leisuredays handled more burst pipe and escape of water claims than ever before. No one wants to return to their holiday home to discover substantial damage and the upheaval of getting it sorted, so it’s important that you take steps to reduce the likelihood of this damage happening.

We’ve already seen some heavy snow fall this winter, and with conditions forecast to worsen in the run up to Christmas now is the time to think about protecting your holiday home.

Occupy your static caravan

Certain precautions are necessary to prevent burst pipes, boiler damage, water heater damage and escape of water at this time of year.

If you’re not occupying your caravan or lodge during the winter, then you should turn the water off at the mains and ensure all equipment is fully drained down (excluding sealed central heating systems containing antifreeze).

Drain down your static caravan

Alternatively, leave your central heating system set at the manufacturer’s recommended temperature to avoid frost damage.

central heating frost protection

If you haven’t got chance to nip over to your holiday home in the next few weeks, why not try giving your park a call to see if they can do this for you. Many parks offer a professional ‘drain down’ service at a small cost, it’s a convenient service that means you can be sure you’re holiday home has the best possible chance of avoiding water damage in freezing temperatures.

The main thing is to act now to ensure your holiday home is ready for winter and you can enjoy a stress free and happy Christmas!­­­

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9 comments on “Protecting your static caravan or holiday lodge this winter

  1. Thank’s for your advice on protecting my static caravan
    I have already done what you adviced.

  2. We have followed your instructions exactly but one tip our park operator gave us was to put salt into the toilet bowl and stir it up. Apparently this prevents the water from freezing and causing damage. Hope it works in this extremely cold weather. Thanks..

  3. I have a sealed central heating system with antifreeze and as you advised I did not drain down the system. As a general precuation against frost damage I did drain down all the water systems and disconnected the main water supply. However on returning to the van a week ago we found the gas pipe feeding into the heating unit had become seperated from the unit itself. The nuts connecting the pipe were still tight. Do you know what could have caused the pipes to disconnect in this way

  4. Hi Simon,

    that’s not an issue that I’ve encountered before, but we’re going to try and get to the bottom of it for you.

    I’ve emailed one of our heating engineer contacts and will come back to you when I’ve got more info.


  5. Hi Simon,

    with regards to your enquiry the heating engineer thinks you may have got your pipes mixed up. It’s a bit complicated to explain here, and there’s a photo demonstration he sent through, so I have forwarded you his email which will hopefully give you the answer you’re looking for.

    Any problems, drop us a line.



  6. Thanks Neil
    Yes it looks like the pipe could be the water pipe after all judging from your engineers photo. If this is right what sort of problems can I expect to have with the heating unit itself.

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