Do you have a bright idea for how static caravans and lodges are designed?


Static caravans, lodges and park homes are always changing; design, space and functionality are just some of the areas that keep evolving year-on-year.

If you’ve owned a static caravan or lodge for years, chances are you have a good idea of what you like and don’t like.

What's your best design or modification idea for static caravans and lodges?

That’s why this month we’re giving you the opportunity to tell us what you would most like to see in a newly designed home.

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Perhaps you’ve got an idea for a new gadget or gizmo, a layout that’s never been seen before, a practical modification or a handy feature you know people would find useful.

Give us your best static caravan or lodge design ideas using the voting buttons


And remember to share your idea with everyone in the comment box below.

9 comments on “Do you have a bright idea for how static caravans and lodges are designed?

  1. One feature I would like to see built in to modern statics or lodges is the installation of log burning stoves as these would be lovely in colder weather and would reduce heating costs for the customer

    1. That’s a great idea Gilly, although I imagine how the unit is designed and constructed would need to completely change to fit a chimney in!

      Keep the ideas coming everyone.


  2. The major problems with Lodges is providing affordable warmth, the volume of air within is so great it takes ages to reach a living room temperature, when you consider the cost of LPG this is very espensive heating
    I agree with Gilly the introduction of a internal fire retardent chimney breast with a SS sectional flue would allow the introduction of a log burner which is Carbon Neutral another very important feature is better insulation there should be a minimun of 150mm thick Kingspan or similar good quality insulation.

  3. I think more plugs in the lounge would be nice for some lamps. I alo agree with the previous lady a log burner would be lovely we had one on our narrow boat and I really loved it

  4. After being a static caravan owner for 17 years I upgraded to a static caravan with central heating, 3 years ago. I was disappointed to discover that there was no room thermostat in the system and contacted the manufacturer to query this. The reply was that as individual radiators were fitted with temperature regulator valves a room thermostat was not necessary. This is not strictly true because I believe it is a safety requirement that in all central heating systems one radiator must be left without a radiator thermostat and a room thermostat must be fitted, otherwise the radiator with two open valves would be permanently on regardless of the room temperature. The manufacturer then went on to say that this regulation was for energy saving reasons in domestic dwellings and did not apply to systems in holiday homes. I insisted that wherever a system was fitted the room thermostat requirement should apply. Eventually, after many weeks of correspondence they supplied a room thermostat.
    Apparently, central heating systems in holiday homes are still not fitted with a room thermostat as standard. My suggestion is in order to meet safety and energy regulations, they should be.

    1. Hi Eric, thanks for getting in touch and sharing your story.

      It’s great to hear that your suggestion is based on real life experiences!


  5. A decent 2 bedroom van big enough for adults our children are grown up and the beds in small rooms are too narrow and not long enough for a adult to sleep

  6. Design to give maximum storage space – if there’s a corner unit between seating, for example, give it a lid or a door so the space inside it can be used.
    In general, I prefer flexibility to features – if I want e.g. a freezer, I can buy a free-standing one, but if it’s fitted and I don’t want it, it’s a complete waste of space. Give me a good basic layout and lots of flexibility – it’s more useful and more personal too.

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