Tips for being heart healthy on your caravan holidays

A healthy lifestyle – even when on your holidays – means a healthy heart.

We’ve teamed up with our national charity partner, Heart Research UK, to bring you some top tips for being heart-healthy on your static caravan holidays this season.

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  1. Balance your calories

When we go away, we tend to eat out more frequently, have larger portions, and it can be tempting to over-indulge in unhealthy treats. If you do have a larger meal, or a few more snacks, try balancing that out by reducing your portion sizes within another meal that day. 

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  1. Assign some alcohol-free days

We know many of you like a glass of wine when staying at your static caravan. And it can be easy to drink more when relaxing either back at your holiday park, or when out for a meal, especially if you’re away for an extended period. Why not try to have some alcohol-free days?

  1. Try a veggie BBQ

Caravanning can be the perfect time for a barbecue.

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This summer, try adding tasty vegetable-based options such as sliced courgettes, sweetcorn, peppers or even tofu; you could even make some veggie kebabs! 

  1. Opt for healthy foods on-the-go.

If you pick up a sandwich or salad for lunch, aim for options that include lean protein sources such as chicken, fish or pulses and some vegetables or fruit.

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Try to avoid fatty sauces and dressings and opt for wholegrain bread or pasta. A well-stocked fruit bowl is a great option for when hunger strikes – as recommended by you!

  1. Integrate activity

One of the best things about owning a static caravan can be the unrivalled access to the great outdoors. Try integrating regular walks or hire some bikes to stay active and explore the local area.

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If you’re lucky enough to have an on-site pool, then regular swimming is a great way to be active, or maybe a dip in the sea! 

  1. Opt for low-calorie, low-unit drinks

A measured single spirit and low-calorie mixer will contain less than half the calories and half the units of a typical glass of wine or pint of beer. For children, swap fizzy drinks for sugar-free cordial mixed with soda water.

Heart Research UK is delighted to partner with Leisuredays to help holiday caravan owners across the UK be heart-healthy,” said Simon Taylor, Health Promotion Coordinator and Physiologist. “Taking care of your hearts has never been so important and we wish you a healthy and relaxing summer.”

Remember we donate £1 to Heart Research UK every time a new customer chooses to receive their Leisuredays policy documents online as part of our Paperless Policies initiative.

Heart Research UK charity cookbook

And Heart Research UK has its very own cookbook full of fun and nutritious meals for all the family from celebrities, chefs, and foodies. To download a copy in exchange for a donation to the charity click here.

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