Winter caravanning is on the up!

Unfortunately, the Coronavirus pandemic continues to have a huge impact on holiday caravan parks with recent Government-enforced lockdowns and “firebreaks” leading to closures and travel restrictions.

But some holiday parks will still be looking to stay open longer over December and the start of 2021 (if allowed) and before the recent lockdown in England was announced we asked owners if they planned to use their static caravan or lodge more this winter.

Winter caravanning poll results

More than 300 owners voted and a huge 70 per cent said yes to winter caravanning this season with many commenting that they wanted to make up for time lost in their holiday caravan in Spring.

winter caravanning poll results

Just 18 percent said they didn’t plan to use their holiday caravan more this winter, partly because their park would be closed.

A further 12 percent said they might visit their static caravan or lodge more over the coming months – depending on if their park would be able to open or if lockdown restrictions were relaxed.

Your winter caravanning comments

It was great to read your comments about your winter caravanning plans and that many holiday parks already stayed open for up to 11 months.

static caravans in winter

David Watts said his park only closed for a month and he would probably use his static caravan more this year as he couldn’t use it in the spring and summer.

David Rodger’s park is open all year and he enjoyed a spot of winter caravanning: “It only takes minutes to reconnect the water supply and drain down when leaving so it no great hassle,” he said. “It’s good watching the snow falling in a nice cosy van at night.”

Peter Brewerton told us he used his holiday lodge at least three nights every week and Dave Booth wants to use his caravan until the new year, if possible.

Alan Snewing lets out his static caravan from March to October, so loves to use it with his family in the winter months.

“It becomes so peaceful and cosy so we can all chill out!” he commented.

And June and Mike Rogerson said they “feel safer spending time at our static van…rather than travel to other areas!”

A few owners who have holiday caravans in Wales said they were looking forward to some winter caravanning after the Covid “firebreak”.

Some owners, like Brian Johnstone, can’t take advantage of winter caravanning as their park closes from November to March.

“But living out in the countryside with three acres, five rescue dogs and no travel restrictions locally and with beaches a half-hour drive, the Covid virus really has not affected us very much,” he commented.

And for some, their caravan is not in the best winter location and a long way from home.

Ted Roylance from Somerset told us he would close his caravan down at the usual time as his static caravan is in the north east.

Thanks to everyone who voted and commented. Stay safe.

3 comments on “Winter caravanning is on the up!

  1. We asked for a winterisation at the beginning of November so now we will not be able to go to our van now till next March.

    1. If your park isn’t closing over winter could you reconnect now so you could use it? I don’t think you need a full drain down for the insurance so long as the park remains open.

      1. Hi Kate, if your park is open between 1st November and 15th March you still need to perform a mini drain down whenever your caravan is left unoccupied overnight: Turn the water off at the stopcock, turn on all taps and the shower to let all water out, and flush toilets, making sure all water is drained from the cistern. You’ll find our winter weather precautions here:

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