Your healthy eating hacks on holiday

Last month we asked for your healthy eating hacks whilst on your static caravan or lodge holidays to highlight the importance of looking after your heart.

The healthy eating results

The top tip for healthy eating on holiday was to buy plenty of vegetables, salad and fruit with more than half of the votes (52 percent).

Having assorted fruit on the table for when you get the munchies was another healthy snack hack and took second place with 18 percent of the votes.

Tied in third place with an equal amount of votes was preparing meals in advance and freezing them as well as taking nuts and seeds for healthy snacks – a great alternative to eating crisps and sweets.

Making homemade popcorn was another healthy hack, plus making a low fat tea loaf with plenty of dried fruit. The reader added that pre-slicing it before freezing means you’re less likely to eat it up in one go!

Thanks to everyone for sharing their snack hacks and to help you stay healthy when on your caravan or lodge holidays why not check out our top heart tips, in partnership with Heart Research UK.

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