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Please visit this page on your tablet or desktop computer to view and download Leisuredays graphics.


Download Leisuredays graphics

In this section you can find logos for both print and web and a collection of web banners. Please feel free to download and use. If possible please send us pictures of how you plan to use them.

If you require specific sizes or have any trouble with the graphics below, please contact development@leisuredays.co.uk

To download a logo or banner, simply right click on the one you require and select 'Save picture as...'

Master logo for white backgrounds

Master logo for coloured backgrounds

Web banners

50px x 100px small rectangles


300px x 50px mobile leaderboard

200px x 200px small squares


250px x 250px square

300px x 250px rectangle

336px x 280px rectangle

468px x 60px leaderboard

728px x 90px leaderboard

(Please note the banner above is a preview and may not appear at actual size here)

160px x 600px skyscraper and 120px x 600px skyscraper