Do you need a TV licence for a static caravan?

The owner’s home TV licence is valid for use in these types of holiday accommodation providing the home TV isn’t being never be used at the same time as that in the caravan. For example, if a family member is staying at home and will use the TV, a separate licence will be needed for use in the static caravan. If the home television will not be used during the holiday, a declaration form must be filled in and returned to TV Licensing.

If you are renting a caravan or holiday home from a park, the park itself should have its own TV licence and therefore you will be covered under that.

TV Licensing decided to take action to raise awareness of the terms and conditions following a 25 per cent increase in caravan holidays in May. With the penalties for watching TV without a valid licence currently set at a fine of up to £1,000 or prosecution, confirmation should be sought from TV Licensing if you are in doubt.