20 things you need in your static caravan

Whether you’re new to static caravanning or a seasoned caravanner, there’s a long list of things you’ll need in your static caravan to make your holidays hassle-free and like a home-from-home.

Here’s our top 20 for starters…

You’re going to need lots of essentials that you’ve got at home, so first up is:

1. Kitchen gear

Equipping your static caravan kitchen is probably going to be one of the biggest outlays. From pots and pans, to cooking utensils, a toaster, kettle, plus plates, bowls, cups, mugs and glasses, you’re going to need enough gear to be able to feed and water the number of people staying in the caravan. For glassware, there’s everyday glasses, plastic or bamboo for any children, then things like wine, beer and gin glasses if you drink alcohol. Many supermarkets do a “basic” range to get you started or you could even scour the charity shops.

2020 ABI Coworth kitchen

Also don’t forget things like cutlery, knives for meal prep, a bottle and a can opener, as well as a pyrex jug, a few mixing bowls, cooking trays and dishes for the oven, oh, and a colander for draining vegetables and pasta, for example.

Finally, you’ll want the essentials, so you can make yourself a cuppa when you arrive, such as tea, coffee, sugar, and then condiments like, salt, pepper, vinegar, ketchup, mayonnaise etc.

2. Cleaning gear

As well as the usual cleaning products for the kitchen, bathrooms, toilets, and living areas you’ll also need a selection of cloths and dusters, a mop and brushes for vinyl floors, as well as a dustpan and brush, a bucket and a vacuum cleaner for keeping on top of cleaning your static caravan.

static caravan cleaning equipment

A brush for sweeping up leaves and debris outside is also a must, to keep things looking ship-shape throughout the season.

3. Bedding

As well as pillows, duvets and covers for all the beds, also consider extra blankets to keep you warm in the colder months or to use in the living area for cosy nights in.

2020 Pathfinder Hawthorne lodge bedroom

4. Bins

You’ll need a waste bin in your kitchen for packaging etc and we like to have one in the bathroom too. You might also want to buy a bin for outside if your park doesn’t provide one to save regular trips to the bin store.

5. Vacuum storage bags

These are great for keeping bedding and towels in, even clothes, and are a great space saver. They can be kept under the bed or in the wardrobe.

6. TV

Not many people can go without a TV when on their static caravan holidays, even if it’s just catching up on the news, or enjoying a film on a rainy day. It might also be worth getting one with a built-in DVD player or even a Smart TV.

Pemberton Rivendale Lodge Fireplace & TV

7. Mobile router

If you want internet access and have a Smart TV you might need a mobile router.  Of course your park might have Wi-Fi connectivity but sometimes this can be patchy, particularly in the high season. A mobile router is like an internet box you might have at home but instead of a phone cable, they have a SIM card inside. You’ll need to pay a charge to top up your SIM card but many will let you connect numerous devices – great if you have children.

8. A hairdryer

It might not be everyone, but particularly for the females in the caravan, a hairdryer is pretty essential to dry their locks after a shower! Keeping one in your static caravan means one less thing to worry about when packing to leave your home.

9. Outdoor furniture and covers

There’s nothing like relaxing outside your holiday caravan and enjoying the weather or watching the world go by. Many owners have outdoor furniture to relax in or for eating meals al fresco, on a warm evening.

Borneo outdoor eating furniture

You can spend as little or as much as you like on furniture, from cheap patio sets to large rattan sofas or even egg chairs! And then a cover is a worthwhile investment to protect your furniture whilst you’re not using it or away from your caravan.

10. Barbecue

Continuing with the enjoyment of your outdoor space, everyone loves a good barbecue, right? We love being able to cook and eat outdoors when the weather’s nice.

Fire Mountain Everest gas barbecue

Again, prices very depending on your taste from small charcoal barbecues, to portable gas ones and even large barbecues that a professional chef would be proud of! But do think about how you’ll store it when not in use. A bigger one might be best kept under a waterproof storage cover.

11. Step ladder and tools

Even though you’re on your static caravan holidays there are always some little DIY jobs or emergency repairs that might need carrying out, such as changing a light bulb, cleaning the guttering, or replacing a fuse. Or even building some flatpack furniture. We’d recommend having a step ladder and a little toolkit, as well as some spares, such as batteries, lightbulbs, fuses, torches, even candles for those small emergencies.

12. Outdoor storage box or shed

If you do have some outdoor furniture and a barbecue, plus tools, toys, gas bottles, and even a lawnmower or bikes, you’ll want an outdoor storage box or shed to store them in when you’re away from your static caravan and to protect things from the elements.

There’s quite a bit of choice, but do check with your park first to see if there any types they don’t allow, such as plastic storage boxes.

13. Moisture traps

When leaving your static caravan unoccupied a moisture trap will help to collect excess damp in the air. They’re also great for small bathrooms which can harvest damp.

damp moisture trap

14. Ornaments and plants

Make your static caravan like a home from home with a few ornaments, photos and even plants – obviously consider what kind of plant if you’re not able to keep on top of watering! Or even artificial ones.

15. Games and books

Whether you have children or not, a few board games, playing cards and books will be a godsend on a wet weekend. Plus toys if you have young children, even a small paddling pool for summer fun!

16. Bikes

A bike or two will not only keep you active but can also be used for getting around your park or exploring the local area. There are even lots of electric bikes on the market too if you want to take things easy!

Tern Vektron electric bike

17. Lawnmower

Most parks will take care of the grass cutting as part of your fees but many owners prefer to do their own. If you have a grassed area as part of your pitch a small lawnmower will keep it looking in tip-top condition. Some other gardening accessories like spades, trowels, secateurs and gloves could come in handy.

18. Security device

If you have some expensive items in your static caravan you’ll want to keep them protected. Fitting an alarm will give you that extra peace of mind and extra layer of security.


19. First aid kit

Accidents will happen so it pays to have a first aid kit with plasters, antiseptic, burn spray, bandages etc in case of those little bumps and scrapes, as well as some medication for headaches and things like hayfever including perhaps some Calpol for the kids.

20. Static caravan insurance

Finally, make sure all your contents and outdoor accessories are covered should the worst happen by making sure you have a comprehensive static caravan insurance policy.

Over to you…

Do you have all the things on the list or are there some home-from-home essentials we’ve missed off? We’d love to see your comments.

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  1. I would like extra storage in my caravan bedrooms where each only has a small wardrobe. Where could I buy over bed lockers which most caravans have as standard? Thanks

  2. Hi
    Looking at the SAS intuder alarm units (item18)
    I haven’t been able to find this in retailers
    Could you do an article on intruder alarms for static and mobile units
    I think there would be interest in units which can phone without a telephone line either via internet or by mobile SIM

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