Guide to outdoor storage at your static caravan or lodge

One of the joys of static caravan and lodge ownership is the ability to get away from it all, relax and enjoy some of your favourite pastimes. But sometimes, storage can be at a premium and the last thing you’ll want is a cramped or cluttered holiday caravan.

We take a look at some outdoor storage solutions so you don’t get that hemmed-in feeling in your static caravan and you can keep your outdoor stuff where it belongs – outdoors!

First, you’ll want outdoor storage which is robust enough to be left for long periods of time, particularly if you’re not staying at your static caravan in the winter months.

Static caravan outdoor storage

There is a range of compact outdoor storage solutions available to suit most people’s budgets and needs – most of all you want to make sure your possessions are kept secure and protected from the elements.

Also, make sure you check your holiday park’s rules and regulations before you buy an outdoor storage unit. Some might not allow large sheds or storage boxes or they might specify a limit to their size or location, or they might have specific rules on the types of outdoor storage you can have. For example, they might only allow outdoor storage boxes on a caravan deck or underneath your unit, but not anywhere else around your caravan, or some might have dedicated areas for sheds.

Top outdoor storage tips

  • Consider metal storage over wood. Many parks won’t allow wooden sheds due to their fire risk, plus if your static caravan or lodge is sited near to the coast then you’re going to want something that will withstand salt erosion and high winds – galvanised metal should do the trick. Metal storage units will also offer better security and are less prone to break-ins and both metal and plastic outdoor storage units make sense in terms of being low maintenance.

Static caravan outdoor storage box

  • You’ll also want to invest in a good quality lock to deter thieves and make it difficult for any potential caravan thief, particularly if storing expensive items like bikes or electrical items.
  • Consider where you’re going to put your outdoor storage unit and keep it sheltered so it’s less likely to be damaged or moved by high winds.
  • Look for a unit which is big enough for your needs. You might be looking to store all manner of items, such as garden/patio furniture, bikes, barbecue, lawnmower, fishing gear, tools and gardening and cleaning equipment.
  • Don’t go for anything too heavy in case you do need to re-locate.

Static caravan sheds

Static caravan insurance considerations

Outdoor storage units are covered by our holiday caravan insurance policy as they are part of the structure of your static caravan or lodge. The contents and personal possessions you keep inside them are also covered as long as you keep the storage unit locked.  Just remember to include the value of the storage box and items kept inside within your sums insured.

Each year at Leisuredays, we deal with claims for storm damage to sheds and outdoor storage units, so it’s important to make sure you anchor them down and make sure any lids and doors are securely fastened. Break-ins can also happen so as previously mentioned we recommend you invest in a good quality, strong lock to protect your belongings.

Strapping down outdoor storage box

Sheds and storage boxes are great for stowing away some of your personal possessions, such as barbecues and garden furniture. Damage to items left out in the open when your lodge or static caravan is unoccupied will not be covered.

Different types of outdoor storage

Here we look at five different types of outdoor storage for static caravan and lodge owners.

1. Trimetals Storeguard outdoor storage unit

This is great for static caravan and lodge owners who need plenty of storage for their outdoor equipment. It comes in two colour choices to match your holiday caravan – green or cream – and its built with PVC-coated galvanised steel, which means it’s fire-resistant, plus it comes with a 25-year, no rust perforation panel guarantee. It’s spring opening action gives you quick, walk-in access to your belongings.

Trimetal Storeguard outdoor storage box

Dimensions 1.13m (H) x 1.96m (W) x 0.89 (D)

Weight 52kg

Features also include: Range of accessories available, such as flooring, shelving and padlocks

Expect to pay: From £539

For more info:


2. Vanguard caravan site store

The Vanguard is an all-metal shed offering plenty of space and secure storage for your outdoor caravanning gear, toys, and equipment. The galvanised steel panels will withstand all kinds of weather, plus it has a heavy-duty metal floor so you can store anything from lawnmowers to barbecues, chairs and bikes.  The double doors can be secured together with a strong padlock and a ventilation system will help to keep your gear dry. It needs to be installed on a level, solid surface.

Dimensions 1266mm (H) x 1542 (W) x 950mm (D)

Weight 76kg

Features also include: Choice of colours, 10-year warranty, maintenance-free, galvanised steel.

Expect to pay: From £450

For more info:

3. Keter Store-it-out Ultra

This wood effect, plastic storage unit, not only looks great but is pretty much maintenance-free, apart from the occasional wiping down to keep it clean. It’s a great size for storing up to four bikes, or two wheelie bins, outdoor chairs, and tools, which can all be locked away behind a padlock on the door bolt. The lift lids up via a piston and there’s a lid-to-lid chain so you can open you dustbin lid without using your hands!

Dimensions 1340mm (H) x 1770mm (W) x 1130mm (D)

Weight 41.5kg

Features also include: Front or top opening, all-weather resistant, built-in shelf support

Expect to pay: From £268

For more info:


4. Patio box

A patio box is great for sitting on your patio or decking to store things like chairs, cushions, toys, muddy boots. The Rowlinson rattan effect storage box has a flat top so it can also double up as seating. This metal storage box has a built-in floor and is made from galvanised steel so should be very durable and maintenance-free – as well as protecting your gear from the elements and those pesky rodents! It’s also rust and fire-retardant.

patio box

Dimensions 840mm (H) x 1400mm (W)  x 600mm (D)

Weight 16.05kg

Features also include: Lift-up lid material with hydraulic pressure, 10-year anti-rust warranty

Expect to pay: From £219.99

For more info:


5. Storage bench

Combine outdoor storage with some extra seating on your decking with this attractive two-person bench. With a 227-litre storage capacity, it’s ideal for storing furniture cushions, tools and outdoor games. Made from strong, durable plastic, with a taupe finish, it will need very little maintenance and will look great, as well as being comfortable for relaxing outside your static caravan or holiday lodge.

Storage bench

Dimensions 665mm (H) x 1320mm (W)  x 690mm (D)

Features also include: Lift-up lid material with hydraulic pressure, 10-year anti-rust warranty

Expect to pay: From £89

For more info:


What’s your advice?

Got any advice or experience of outdoor storage at your static caravan or lodge that you’d like to pass on to fellow caravanners. Please feel free to add a comment below.

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  1. Re undervan storage.
    I had a tailormade box for lawnmowers etc, fitted under my static. To my horror, one very wet winter, it was the perfect “stepping stone” for a rat to access the van via a floor ventilator. Buyer beware!

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