The most spacious & futuristic static caravan ever? ABI Concept review

The ABI Concept is a static caravan with a difference; well lots of differences actually!

Built on a standard chassis, the Concept has horizontal brushed silver aluminium cladding, with charcoal window and door frames for the triple glazed windows and external door.

ABI Concept - Exterior

This unique 13ft x 30ft model has been designed and built as a concept following a challenge to the industry; ABI decided to focus on better utilization of internal space. This unit sleeps and accommodates nine people thanks to innovative and lateral thinking using motorised moveable walls.

Bi-fold doors with clip-in Venetian blinds lead to the flexible living space. A practical laminate floor covering throughout, and tiled floors in the bathroom and cloakroom, is laid on top of underfloor heating, yet there is a gas combi-boiler for hot water and to heat the towel rails in the cloakroom and bathroom.

002 open plan lounge and kitchen

The daytime living space contains an L shape sofa, a swivel chair and beanbags. It can also serve as a cinema room. The space is so flexible it becomes a bedroom with a drop-down king size bed, or you can pull a five-leaf table out of a cupboard and seat nine to a meal.

ABI Concept - living room bed

ABI Concept - Table extends and table top panels fit into place to seat 9 people

The kitchen has a fridge freezer, an induction hob, electric oven and grill and a combination microwave, with space to install a dishwasher if required.

The fabrics and décor scheme are very modern with a clean and bright look: High gloss Valencia orange and textured white cupboards, with contemporary curtains around the beds for night time and a feature horizontally striped wall featuring orange, lemon, grey, blue and white.

ABI Concept - Kitchen

Another king size bed drops down to create a new sleeping area, and two bunk beds seem to appear from nowhere to complement the three fixed bunk beds at the rear.

ABI Concept - New space is created behind the wall ABI Concept - A second double bed drops down

ABI Concept - Bunk Beds

The shower room, fully tiled and including a mosaic tiled feature, is complemented by a cloakroom with a loo and a space-saving corner handbasin.

ABI Concept - Bathrooms

If it was for sale the likely ex works price would be from around £58,000, but if it goes into production the design might change. Additional charges would apply from park to park to cover transport, pitch preparation and other costs.

ABI Concept - Internal layouts


The dual use of space, the funky layout, and the wacky concept takes the future design of caravan holiday homes to a new level!

Visit the ABI website for more information.


Tell us what you think about this though provoking concept caravan? Would you buy one if it went on sale? Would you like to see some of the features such as flexible layout introduced to production models? Please add your comments below.

18 comments on “The most spacious & futuristic static caravan ever? ABI Concept review

  1. Good ideas- Triple glazing, under floor heating.
    Otherwise it looks like an art students marijuana inspired, exam piece. N.B. I suspect the students would have been awarded a fail!

    Would I buy one, I assume that to be a rhetorical question.

  2. I much prefer my static to be “Classy”, this set up is much too futuristic for my personal taste and I would never purchase a static like this.

  3. I think it’s horrible! It’s cold and has no personality. I hate the idea of drop down beds and want to relax on holiday not be moving furniture about all the time. Where do you put your clothes and personal things. With a family in here this will look a complete mess!

    1. M Welch
      Thanks for your comment. Good point about the effort to move things around all the time. Being a concept, Maybe this is flexibility taken too far but perhaps some of the features could be useful – for instance the fold away dining table so that extra living space could be gained when not in use. But the table would need to made really effortless to fold out and fold away if it was to be of real value to a holiday caravan owner.

  4. the microwave should not be as high as it is as it poses a scalding probloem for smaller people such as my self. Mosty people use a microwave to heat liquids such as soup or milk with the microwave more than 5ft from the ground this becomes veryu dangerous for those of us older 4ft something people.

    1. Good point Lynda. I agree the microwave should be lower. Only a concept at this point so time for ABI to change that.

  5. It’s good to see fresh ideas and modern thinking
    This would be wonderful for teens or those in their 20s.
    Most family’s need everything set out and flexible older folks like space and comfort.
    I love my 2002 ABI mobile home. Always think your designs are well thought out. Kind regards M

  6. Perhaps the tv show “amazing spaces” is inspiring the industry to do more with very limited space. Although I don’t like the look of it, it’s good to see that the industry is trying to find designs to attract a younger customer. But – a flat roof?! It’s time they found a way to minimise the sound of rain dropping off the trees hours after the rain has stopped . . .

    1. Yes Sue, it reminded us of George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces tv programme too. We hadn’t thought about the flat roof. From an insurance point of view a flat roof would represent a backward step as often flat roofed caravans suffer problems when heavy snow falls or ice forms – the roof caves in! Great to see the industry experimenting. Some of the ideas could find their way into production models.

  7. looks good,perhaps the idea of 9 people in a 30ft space not so good. WINDOWS GOOD.HEATING GOOD.Where do you go for your own personal space? Would need to see one not just read about it

  8. good looking,but 9 people in a 30ft space not so good.Under floor heating and triple glazed windows great.Where is your personal space?

  9. Looking at the photos and layout plans when the bed is down it blocks the only means of escape ie the door.

  10. As I have my mobile home on a French site I am certain this ABI design would go down well with the French campers as I have seen some real quirky designs from French manufacturers – for myself? Too old to keep moving furniture about and dropping down beds, etc. No give me standard design concept and a comfortable bed

  11. Think this design looks ridiculous it’s certainly not for us two many people in a confined space , we have a Wiilerby 2010 Aspen it is 37 feet long is perfect for us

  12. Reminds me of my first caravan holiday in 1973 where the bed folded up into the wall. I wouldn’t want to go back to those days. This concept would be good for teenagers. Maybe put it in the garden for sleepovers. However as a static caravan owner I enjoy comfort and style and I like that’s its a home from home. Apart from the triple glazing and central heating I wouldn’t buy this in a month of Sundays. Keep the ideas coming tho’.

    1. It’s clearly not for everyone Terry! We’ll certainly keep them coming 🙂


  13. I don’t understand all the negativity here. I absolutely love it and would buy one too. very innovative and a real step forward for static caravan designs.

  14. I’m not so keen on the bright colour scheme and 9 occupants is optimistic in the space, but I love the concept. It reminds me of my parents’ original 1950’s caravan with drop down bed which had a slot to attach the table to during the day when the bed was tucked away (bedding included). As I’ve aged I’ve come to appreciate more luxury, but can’t help thinking that the old ideas are now being re-invented as new ideas, shows how brilliant they were! I think the same concepts could also be transferred to smaller touring vans.

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