Benefits of holiday caravan skirting

Adding skirting to your holiday caravan will not only make it more pleasing on the eye, but it can have other benefits too.

What is caravan skirting?

Skirting can be made of wood, aluminium, uPVC or CanExel and is effectively panelling which wraps around the underside of the caravan base or caravan decking, creating a great finish.

wooden caravan skirting

Benefits of skirting

If you enclose the underside of your static caravan or holiday lodge with skirting the benefits can include:

  • Finishing off the look by hiding the static caravan anchor points, legs and unsightly pipework.

caravan skirting

  • It can also cover up any items you might store underneath your caravan, such as kayaks or folding chairs. Do be careful not to store anything flammable underneath your static caravan though.
  • Keeping your caravan warmer – as it will be less draughty underneath and will help to prevent heat escaping.
  • Adding an extra layer of protection to the underside of your caravan, which could help to reduce the risk of frozen pipes in cold weather, and a chilly wind getting underneath your caravan, as well as stopping any debris being blown underneath.
  • Preventing unwelcome visitors from getting underneath your static caravan and trying to get inside.
  • Could potentially increase the value of your static caravan or lodge.

Willerby Richmond Exterior Main

There are a number of skirting options available, from fully enclosed to ranch skirting. Panels can be easily removed to allow access to drain down pipes and water stopcocks, or gates can be installed to allow for quick and easy access to the underside of your caravan.

caravan skirting gate

Many companies also offer a range of skirting colours in uPVC or vinyl to match your static caravan cladding and enhance its looks.

Don’t forget if you want to add skirting to your caravan or your decking to check with your park owner that it is allowed on your holiday park. Your park might have specific requirements and stipulate that you have to use specific materials and a specialist company.

Decking on holiday lodge

And make sure you add the value of skirting to your static caravan insurance sums insured so it’s covered in the event of storm damage or flooding. Skirting is classed as part of the caravan structure value.

If fitting, use a professional company to make sure you meet all health and safety regulations and make sure there’s adequate ventilation and airflow underneath the caravan, in the event of a gas leak.

Note it may be a condition of your static caravan insurance policy that your holiday caravan has to be securely anchored to the ground or that it is skirted – check your policy to see what condition applies to you. Like anchoring, skirting helps to protect the caravan and prevent it from being blown over during severe weather.

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7 comments on “Benefits of holiday caravan skirting

  1. One very important aspect of skirting that you have missed is the protection it gives from salt laden sea air that quickly attacks any steel parts even if protected by plating.

  2. Various holiday parks have their own rules re decking/skirting material as you have alluded to, but what is the legal position re wooden decking in terms of fire risk and distance apart from neighbours.

    1. Hi Gerry, wooden decking remains popular. I think it depends on the park which they prefer customers to install rather than any laws.

  3. I think 10 feet,is the standard distance between decking,from neighbours.Also as alluded to,ventilation points low down on skirting to increase flow of air,and Heaven forbid,for gas to escape,as gas sinks to ground level.

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