Colourful holiday caravans!

Imagine a holiday park with a kaleidoscope of different coloured caravans…

Well, if the results of our recent poll were given the go ahead, then there’d be holiday caravans all the colours of the rainbow!

Last month, we asked owners to pick what their chosen colour of holiday caravan be if they had the option.

After more than 150 votes we can now reveal the top 10 favourite static caravan colours, voted for by our readers.

Caravan colour poll results

Topping the chart, was good old fashioned cream, which can already be seen across many holiday parks in the UK.

Willerby Sheraton Exterior Main

But in at number two, with 17 per cent of the votes, was blue – which is available in CanExcel cladding and can be seen on some holiday parks and from some manufacturers.

Environmentally-friendly green was third, with 16 per cent of the votes, and is currently very popular on countryside parks in particular.

Pemberton Arrondale Exterior Left Elev

Trendy grey was fourth in the poll results, followed closely by yellow!

Brown, red, white, pink and even purple also made the top 10, with a small share of the votes.

We’re not sure if holiday park owners would approve of some of those holiday caravan colour choices though!

Your comments…

Lynda Cordingley said charcoal grey would be a great colour.

“It tends to recede into the background,” she commented. “A great backdrop, complimenting nature.”

Willerby Juniper Exterior

Tom Owen also voted for grey – with contrasting window and door frames.

However, Paul Lidgard told us he would love a brighter coloured holiday caravan.

“Personally I love mine to be orange, plus bright yellow!”

Thanks to everyone who voted. Don’t forget to check out our latest poll community poll.

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