Caravan anchoring and skirting results

Anchoring and skirting have many benefits in keeping your static caravan or lodge stable, better insulated and looking good.

In last month’s community poll, we asked owners if they anchored or skirted their holiday caravan.

Anchoring and skirting results…

After more than 450 votes, a large proportion of owners- 69 per cent – told us they did anchor and skirt their holiday caravan.

anchoring and skirting a static caravan

Almost a quarter, said they just anchored their caravan, with 22 per cent of the votes. Securely anchoring your static caravan or holiday lodge to the base can be a condition of your static caravan insurance policy for storm damage cover to remain in place.

Just seven per cent of voters had caravan skirting only, with comments that it improved the appearance of their unit – we couldn’t agree more!

Only a tiny two per cent told us they didn’t have anchoring or skirting on their holiday caravan.

Thanks to everyone who voted. We’ll bring you a new poll very soon.

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