Top holiday caravan insurance claims after lockdown

From soggy floors to cracked shower trays, shattered windows, damaged TVs, and nesting mice – these are just some of the common holiday caravan insurance claims after lockdown.

As holiday parks re-opened after months of lockdowns in April 2021, many owners rushed back to their pride and joy for some much-needed relaxation or rented out their static caravans and lodges to holidaymakers desperate for a getaway.

We’ve looked at our settled claims from April 12th to October 31st, 2021 for the most common holiday caravan insurance claims – highlighting the importance of static caravan and holiday lodge insurance and how your policy covers common issues – and some more unusual mishaps!

Top six holiday caravan insurance claims

Holiday caravan insurance claims come in all different shapes and sizes and here we reveal the top six we’ve settled with payment since April.

1. Leaky pipes and escape of water

Almost a third of settled claims (31 percent) after many campsites re-opened their gates after lockdown were due to burst or leaking pipes and escape of water.

holiday caravan insurance claim escape of water

The average amount paid out on these types of claims was £2,412. But one holiday caravan claim cost £7,000 after a leaky pipe in an en-suite caused water damage to the lino, carpets, wardrobes, and bedside tables. And another escape of water caused a kitchen floor to look like Weetabix!

Leaks from showers and toilets were also a common cause of escape of water claims.

How do you prevent the escape of water and look after your pipes?

If possible whenever leaving your caravan for long periods turn off the water supply at the stopcock. Make sure you always drain down your caravan’s water system in winter and when closing up your caravan check pipework for any damage. Remember your insurance policy winter weather precautions. If your holiday caravan is not drained down between November 1st and March 15th, escape of water claims would not be paid out.

2. Accidental damage

Twenty-nine percent of claims were for accidental damage – both inside and outside holiday caravans.

Trips, slips, and dropped shampoo bottles in the shower were a common cause of damage with the average cost of damage caused amounting to £1,077.

Cracked shower tray - common holiday caravan insurance claim

And two claims where people had fallen in the shower and cracked the tray and wall caused £4,500 of damage!

Other accidental damage claims were for shattered patio doors or chips to outside panels from stones or birds.

TVs also seem to bear the brunt of a handful of accidental damage claims caused by flying toys, playing children, or heavy-handedness!

Oven doors and worktops were also damaged by falling bottles and pans.

The importance of static caravan insurance
Remember your static caravan insurance policy gives you that extra peace of mind that all kinds of accidental damage are covered.

3. Boiler damage

Our third most common holiday caravan insurance claim was for boiler damage, accounting for 10 percent of claims from April 14th to October 31st, 2021.

In these claims many policyholders returned to their caravans after lockdown and have found leaky boilers or that their boilers have suffered from electrical or frost damage, with average claims costs of £1,178.

How do I prevent boiler damage?

Don’t forget to get your boiler serviced annually to check for any issues. Remember, mechanical breakdowns, wear and tear and general maintenance to your boiler and holiday caravan are not covered by your insurance policy. There’s more information about subsequent damage cover in the ‘general exclusions’ section of our policy booklet.

4. Storm damage

Stormy and windy weather caused panel damage to a number of holiday caravans, as well as damage to doors, sheds, and outdoor furniture, with eight percent of claims being for storm damage.

static caravan storm damage

In one static caravan insurance claim, the guttering and satellite dish was blown off and in another, a storm ripped a side panel off another caravan and snapped the TV aerial in half!

Secure your belongings in winter

Make sure you remember to tie down patio furniture or take it inside in the autumn and winter months, as well as any other items that might blow into your caravan and cause damage when stormy weather strikes.

5. Window damage

Our fifth most common claim post-lockdown was for window damage, accounting for six percent of settled claims in this period.

holiday caravan insurance claims for smashed window

In some claims, stones flicked up from grass cutting caused damage to some static caravan windows.

6. Vermin damage

Pesky mice and rats caused thousands of pounds of damage to holiday caravans during the closed season, with average claims costs of £1,251!

Vermin droppings in caravan

The little creatures were responsible for making nests and chewing holes in sofas and cushions and leaving behind a nasty mess and smell! Vermin also caused damage to pillows, duvets, curtains, throws, and bedding.

Keeping vermin out of your holiday caravan
When leaving your caravan unattended remove bedding, small cushions, and food so as not to attract vermin looking for a warm place to nest in the colder months. See our other tips to avoid vermin in your static caravan.

To make sure you’re protected against the unexpected, with generous levels of cover as standard, why not check out our specialist insurance for your static caravan or holiday lodge.

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    1. It’s okay to use your caravan between those dates if your park is open. You must drain down when it’s going to be unoccupied though as outlined in our winter weather precautions: Between 1st November – 15th March
      whilst your park is open, whenever unoccupied: Turn the water off at the stopcock, and turn on all taps and the shower to let all water out, and flush toilets, ensuring all water is drained from the cistern.

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