Guide to internal storage for your holiday caravan

From under-bed storage, to shoe benches, hooks and hanging shelves, there are plenty of internal storage solutions for your holiday caravan.

Make the most of your cupboard and floor space with some simple, inexpensive accessories when space is at a premium on your caravan holidays – or if you simply love organising your bits and bobs!

Here we bring you 10 internal storage solutions for your static caravan or holiday lodge, including many that will mean no drilling of holes in your cupboards or walls.

1. Vacuum bags

A vacuum storage bag is great for protecting and storing clothing, bedding, towels etc and are available in many different sizes. You simply pack the bag with your belongings and then use your vacuum cleaner hose to suck out the air and watch the bag compress as flat as it possibly can. The bag also protects your things from dust and damp – so perfect for when you’re away from your holiday caravan.

vacuum bags

Expect to pay: £19.99 for a 10 pack


2. Drawer organisers

The most obvious drawer organiser will keep your cutlery in one place but why not also organise your underwear, beauty products, or even spices and stationary with a drawer organiser? They come in all shapes and sizes and in different materials, from wood to cotton.

drawer organiser

Expect to pay: £10


3. Ottoman bed

Instantly create bags of internal storage space in your static caravan bedroom with an ottoman bed. Gas struts will lift up your mattress and base to reveal oodles of space to store bedding, shoes, bags and more.

Ottoman bed

Expect to pay: £149


4. Under-bed storage

An under-bed storage box or drawer with wheels will give you quick and easy access to plenty of extra internal storage for bedding, clothes, books, toys and more if you have space underneath your holiday caravan beds. Available in wood, metal or plastic they’re great for hiding things away.

underbed storage

Expect to pay: £ 118.99



5. Hanging shelves and basket

As well as hanging shelves to put in your wardrobe to give you some extra space for folded clothes, also look for clip-on baskets to use in the kitchen, bathroom or bedroom to give you more space to store things like fruit, washing products or underwear. The hanging shelves attach to a clothes rail and the basket simply hooks onto a shelf.

Hanging shelves

hanging basket

Expect to pay: £6 for hanging shelf and £3 for clip-on basket


6. Multi-clothes hanger

A multi-layer clothes hanger is a nifty space saver when internal storage space is limited in small static caravan wardrobes. There are hangers for trousers or tops which will accommodate five or six items of clothing on just one clothes hanger.

Multi hanger

Expect to pay: £11.95


7. Command™ hooks

These strong adhesive hooks are great for hanging all kinds of things and the strong adhesive means damage-free hanging on almost any surface. Some are strong enough to hold a coat in a cupboard or there are smaller hooks for use in the kitchen to hang cooking utensils or tea towels to give you a bit more space in your kitchen drawers. Not forgetting towels etc in the bathroom. They come in a variety of sizes and designs from plastic to decorative and metal hooks as per the image below.

Command hooks

Expect to pay: From £3.79


8. Overdoor hangers

These are perfect for hanging up dressing gowns or towels in the bathroom or bedroom and then coats, scarves, and hats in the hallway. And it means no drilling is needed in your doors. Many offer multiple hanging points for plenty of clothes. There are even multi-purpose over door hooks which include a basket and hooks. Just make sure there’s enough of a gap above your door for your hanger of choice without it preventing closure. And perhaps consider adding some adhesive pads to parts of the hanger that make contact with your door to avoid marking the door.

overdoor hanger

Expect to pay: £8


9. Shoe bench

From shoe racks to overdoor shoe organisers, or a shoe cupboard, there are lots of ways to keep your footwear organised and in one place at your holiday caravan. But we love this shoe storage bench which you can sit on to put your shoes or boots on and then store your shoes underneath.

Picazo Shoe Rack Storage Bench

Wood Shoe Bench

Expect to pay: £42.99


10. Cupboard shelves

Stack plenty of crockery in your holiday caravan kitchen cupboards with these nifty shelving units. You’ll also be able to organise your plates, bowls and cups in one handy place and keep those kitchen cupboards tidy. The wire racks could also be used in a bathroom cupboard for bottles and creams etc.

Cupboard shelves

Expect to pay: £13.00


Over to you…

Have you got any internal storage ideas that you use at your holiday caravan that you want to share with fellow owners? Feel free to share in the comments box below.

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