Guide to making your static caravan pet friendly

We know many static caravanners and holiday lodge owners like to take their pets on holiday with them and many manufacturers are designing dog-friendly caravans.

And if you rent out your holiday caravan, many holidaymakers will be searching for pet-friendly units so they can take their faithful four-legged friend away with them.

National Pet month poll - dog on holiday park

Making your static caravan pet-friendly will save money on kennel or cattery fees and it means you can enjoy some quality time with your furry friend!

Here’s our top tips for making your static pet-friendly…

  1. Make the static caravan your pet’s holiday home too

Create their own little pet-friendly space with their bed, blankets and some toys to play with. Create a feeding station – outside or inside – for their food and water.

Dog in static caravan

For dog owners, don’t forget to keep a supply of poo bags and even a spare lead at your static caravan in case you accidentally leave these essentials behind. Plus have a permanent doggy towel to dry off those wet paws.

2. Pets are on their holidays too!

Take some nice treats with you and why not spoil them with a nice new colour, jacket or neckerchief? We often buy new clothes when going away so why not treat your pet too?! And make sure you have any supplies of pet medication that you might need or a small first aid kit – like you would for yourself! It’s worth keeping some flea spray at your static caravan too, just in case!

3. Easy-to-clean surfaces

When you and your pet are spending lots of time outdoors there’s going to be muddy or wet paws, so have easy to clean flooring, particularly in the entrance ways. You could also consider an outside washing zone to wash your dog down before they step inside your holiday caravan. This is where those dog-friendly towels will come in handy too!

Wessex Allure Dog Shower

Invest in a powerful vacuum cleaner that will easily suck up pet hair and dust from muddy paws and look out for those with pet hair attachments. Also consider throws for your sofa and chairs to protect them and keep them fresher for longer.

4. Make your outside space pet-friendly

Dogs on holiday parks will probably need to be kept on a lead at all times so it’s worth creating an enclosed “doggie” zone outside that your pet can explore that is enclosed. A fenced decking area with a gate is great for giving your pet some fresh air. Willerby’s dog-friendly Lymington static caravan has a pooch station, complete with outside tap, twin steel drinking bowls and a stout eye bolt near the door to anchor your pooch’s lead. They even have a cute kennel which is designed to look like a mini holiday caravan!

Willerby Lymington Bowls and Tap

If you have any garden area or plants, don’t use slug pellets and weed killer which could be harmful to your pet.

5. Pet-zones

Create a pet zone using dog gates or a crate – maybe separate the lounge and kitchen areas to keep your pets off the soft furnishings and carpets. Set some ground rules with your pet so they know if they are not allowed in the bedroom, on the sofa etc.

Lymington barrier gate

Consider a stable door into your static caravan to let some air in. These are on offer as part of Willerby’s Simply Pawsome pack.

Stable door

Check to make sure there aren’t any areas which could be harmful to your pet, such as loose cables, or carpet edges which could be nibbled.

6. Accessorise

Show how much of a pet-lover you are with some pet-friendly accessories, like hooks for leads, animal-themed cushions and throws, ornaments or photos/artwork. Even a dog-friendly welcome mat!

Willerby Lymington Leads

7. Research pet-friendly places

Find out where the nearest vet is in case of emergencies – accidents do happen – and find out where the dog-friendly pubs and cafes are so your faithful pooch can enjoy lots of time by your side.

Over to you…

Got any other ways of making your static caravan or holiday lodge pet-friendly? Please feel free to share them in the comments box below.

9 comments on “Guide to making your static caravan pet friendly

  1. Our van had quite a big space and Willerby don’t do dog friendly in our model but we sourced a different brand of gate and fixed it ourselves, best £150 we spent. Check out a company called Retractagate I think it was.

  2. We have 2 sproodles with curly coats that can stay damp for ages if not dried. We have purchased 2 towelling drying bags, best thing we have bought for the van. We zip them in and they extract mud and moisture much better than just a towel if they have got really wet in the sea or on a rainy walk

  3. We close all the bedroom doors and put a dog bed at the end of the corridor. We leave the door into the living area open. If it’s hot we open all the bedroom windows. The corridor is cool and dark and makes an ideal den. They can come and go as they please but still see what we are doing. If necessary the living room door can be closed if they need to be kept out of the way for a short time eg if a repair needs to be done. They both love their space.

  4. Our static caravan is in an area with high numbers of deer so ticks can be a problem, especially when the weather is warm and moist. We always put a new seresto collar on our golden retriever every spring and carry tick spanner’s in our lead pocket along with the Pooh bags.

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