Holiday caravan upgrades…

For some holiday caravanners, it’s out with the old and in with the new, according to the results of our latest poll.

Last month, we asked owners if they’d upgraded to a newer holiday caravan in the last 12 months, and after hundreds of votes we can now reveal the results…

Holiday caravan upgrade results

Just over a third of owners said they’d upgraded for a newer static caravan or holiday lodge – and ABI models seem to be a popular choice!

Steven Hurst has ordered a new 2022 ABI Beaumont and Bill Waddington has upgraded to the same model from a Willerby Winchester.

2020 ABI Kielder holiday lodge

Steve Essam has bought an ABI Kielder lodge to replace a 17-year-old wooden model.

“The level of insulation is outstanding,” he said.

And Debbie Frost said her new ABI Windermere was a “beautiful” caravan.

Malcom Tonks told us he’d bought a new Swift Hafren and said it was a “superb holiday home”.

But a sizeable 61 percent of voters have kept their existing unit, with Gill Knight telling us that she’s still in her 22-year-old BK Bluebird.

For some it didn’t make economic sense to upgrade in the current financial climate.

Gordon Robey commented: “Caravan longevity depends on many factors, but some site owners stipulate a maximum period that the caravan is permitted to remain on site irrespective of how well it has been maintained. Many owners are facing difficult decisions over the next 12 months when the situation could deteriorate further.”

M Thomas said: “We only get 15 years on-site with a new caravan, therefore, we would be stupid to upgrade – it is out of reach for ordinary people, particularly as our fees are well over £4,000.”

However, five percent said they were considering an upgrade in the next 12 months.

Stuart Colbron said he had bought a 20-year-old Willerby Granada 18 months ago and might consider an upgrade next year.

Don’t forget if you do upgrade your static caravan or lodge to contact your insurance provider to update your insured values and make sure you’re fully covered in the event of a claims.

Over to you…

Let us know what you make of the results in the comments box below.

2 comments on “Holiday caravan upgrades…

  1. With the current climate l certainly would not consider an upgrade of any description, the site we are on has just increased it’s electricity price by 6pence per unit and l would imagine an increase in the gas price will shortly follow.
    We have noticed over the past 3 months a decline in owners attending the site, l would imagine this could be the fact we are experiencing daily increases in the cost of fuel.
    With no signs of things getting better, in fact probably and in reality things are going to get worse no doubt this will have an effect on holiday home owners.

    1. I think you could be right. We paid £70.00 a bottle for gas last May. Over the year, It then went up to £80.00, £85.00, then £90.00 in March. We have just renewed a bottle last week at a cost of £95.00. A £25.00 increase in one year.
      I too have noticed a decline in owners coming to their caravans this year, and also many pitches being vacated.
      My husband and I are certainly cutting back the amount of journeys to and from our site due to the cost of fuel. Time to tighten the belts, and hope we can all weather the storm.

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