Community Poll asks: Will you stay in your static caravan or holiday lodge this winter?

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It’s cold, it’s wet…it’s not exactly holiday weather – or is it?

Community Poll icon resizesAlthough we reckon many of you are tucked up at home having now left your beloved static caravan or lodge sealed up and winterised for the colder months ahead, we’re guessing there are also many of you who contimue to get the most of your investment and use your holiday caravan in all seasons.

Caravan and often holiday lodge construction (some built to residential standards) including fitting of double glazing means that many units can be used in colder weather, though its always worth checking with your park owner or manufacturer if your unit is suitable for winter use.

Longer site licences also mean many parks remain open for much of the winter.

If you are continuing to use your holiday caravan this winter, we want to hear from you! Is it something you do every year or are you trying it for the first time? If you are leaving it unoccupied please make sure you check out our winterisation advice.

We would also love to hear from those of you who prefer to be at home during the winter. Have you ever considered otherwise?


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9 comments on “Community Poll asks: Will you stay in your static caravan or holiday lodge this winter?

  1. We sold Our static caravan and moved in to a Bungalow that we can use all year ! if Our caravan site had been open all year we would never have moved !

  2. We will definitely be there over the Christmas holiday period – wonderful watching the waves and the sea at that time.

  3. Would be there if the site was open but they close in a couple of weeks time 🙁

  4. I will be in mine for Haloween week and over Christmas and the New Year. The Park is only shut for 6 weeks from Jan9th and I make as much use of my second home as possible. All my mates will be there and we will have a great time! Since upgrading I have no probs with being chilly or uncomfotable in any other way.

  5. we have just arrived home from our static caravan and hope to keep going, maybe even for Christmas, weather permitting

  6. We use our van all year round except for the close down 8 week period. We are in the fortunate position of being right on the sea front and love just chilling out and watching the sea (the rougher the better!) and the numerous seals that keep popping there heads up to have a look round much to the amusement of the tourists. We bought our van a couple of years ago and love the lifestyle.

  7. No, extending the season into the cold and wet times is just an excuse to put up the annual rates

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