Hot tub poll results are in….

A hot tub can be a great addition to your static caravan or holiday lodge – but they’re not for everyone, and do need lots of looking after.

In last month’s community poll, we asked static caravan and lodge owners if they had a hot tub.

Here are the results…

Despite the growth in hot tub holidays, 64 per cent of our poll voters said a hot tub definitely wasn’t for them.

However, more than a quarter of voters (27 per cent) said they didn’t have a hot tub but would like one at their holiday caravan.

Only nine per cent of voters said they already had a hot tub at their static caravan or lodge.

Your comments…

Val Pearce was concerned about the noise on her park.

“The caravan behind ours has a blow-up hot tub and the noise from the children using it was horrendous last year. Let’s hope the complaints will be taken on board for this summer.”

David Knowles isn’t a fan either: “Hot tubs require running 24 hours a day to avoid any build-up of listeria and legionnaires infections and most blow-up spas have the cheapest, noisy pumps and equipment, so are not a sociable item in any circumstances,” he commented.

But Janice Jackson told us that she loves her blow-up hot tub.
“Back from a cold day out boat fishing, or just star gazing at night, it’s a great way to get warm, relax, socialise with friends,” she said.
If you’re one of the 27 per cent of voters who would like a hot tub then check out our gear guide here.

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