Location, location, location! Poll reveals reasons people choose a holiday park

Back in December we asked you what it was that made you choose your current holiday park. Naturally, you want to find the right park to suit your needs, but what was the deciding factor for you and your family?

Typically, it’s things like site fees, area and good facilities that attract people to a park, but are there any other features to look out for?

Susan got in touch to tells us that for her, location is key, “I find where my static to be so convenient! I can get a bus to the main area of Swansea and take a ride into town! The staff are so helpful when you need something, it’s a great place to be!” 

Management standards were also very important to George, who got in touch to say, “The owners are extremely pleasant and helpful. The park is very well laid out and no caravan older than 15 years may remain on the site. It’s grandchildren & dog friendly and there are no fast food or alcohol outlets on site.”

It’s now time to reveal the results

Over 200 of you voted this time around and despite having eight options to choose from, there was one clear winner.

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With over half of the overall vote, 55% of you told us that is was the location of your park that made you choose it.

Well-managed and maintained parks also ranked highly, receiving 22% of the final vote. 10% of voters said that the cost of site fees influenced their decision making, followed by reputation, facilities and flood risk.

Let’s take a look at some of your comments…

Les chose his park because of its “low fees, location, fishing facilities and lovely walks up the river.” 

Elizabeth, meanwhile told us her park at Cairnsmill was “well managed and maintained”, adding “I can be sure of instant support and attention if a problem arises. Knowing they care about the caravanners is a source of comfort and relief.”

Is location everything to you?

We would love to hear if you agree with the majority vote – is location one of the most important things to consider when choosing a park, or should other factors take priority? Share your view in the comment box below.

7 comments on “Location, location, location! Poll reveals reasons people choose a holiday park

  1. We chose Herdwick Croft caravan park because of its beautiful location and its very friendly owners.We dont have any bar or cafe facilities but just a nice relaxing place to be

  2. location is key just like buying your house, i also think there is something else you have to take into consideration which is whether the caravans around you are sublet a lot as we previously had a caravan on a haven park and always seemed to get noisy neighbours so when we bought our next caravan we asked beforehand if a lot of caravans were sublet and thankfully there were not which means our children have formed friendships with both our neighbours children

  3. I chose Loch Eck caravan park as it sits at the side of the loch with mountains either side and is the most stunning view to wake up to in the morning. Every season sees a different view infact just about every hour of the day sees a different view it is quite simply gorgeous. With only about 70 private vans on the site it is also safe and comforting that people look out for each other a real small community

    1. That sounds amazing Elaine! We would love to see a picture of your incredibly view – click here to post an image to our Facebook page 🙂

  4. Castle Archdale in County Fermanagh Lakelands, relax and enjoy the scenic lakes and forest walks, one visit and you are hooked for life.

  5. We chose Stanwix Park in Silloth Cumbria because when you buy new your van is on the park for life. No worrying about upgrading in 10 – 15 years. Another big thing is that the park is very well kept, facilities are excellent and the owners and staff are lovely.

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