Results reveal most anticipated manufacturer for 2015!

With great shows like the Caravan Extravaganza Hull and Holiday Caravan Show Beaulieu in recent weeks, and the upcoming Motorhome and Caravan Show NEC 2014, static caravan and holiday lodge enthusiasts are being tempted with 2015’s biggest and best new models.

So with this in mind, last month, we wanted to know which manufacturer you had your eye on.

There were plenty of top names to choose from including Victory, Swift, Pemberton and Carnaby…but who did you vote top manufacturer for 2015?

Let’s reveal how you voted

Results reveal most anticipated manufacturer for 2015!

You crowned Willerby your winner with a huge 35% of the final vote. In second place with a very respectable 20% is Pemberton, followed in third place by ABI.

Rounding off the top five we have Atlas and Swift.

Do you agree with the 35% majority?

Have your say in the comment box below.

3 comments on “Results reveal most anticipated manufacturer for 2015!

  1. We’re delighted to have topped this LeisureDays poll and thank you to all who voted for us!

    2015 is set to be a great year for Willerby with some stunning new model ranges to look out for, as well as the return of some old favourites with some design enhancements for the new season!

    Check out our new website to see the full Willerby and BK Bluebird ranges!

  2. The 2010 models,and we bought one,was a disaster,very poorly constructed,by skimping on materials.Although I have had extensive work carried out on my caravan,owing to sub standard materials used,at that time,the inconvenience has been unbearable,and still going on today.The engineer who seen us,admitted to us,they had cut back to the bone,with the timbers they used,and will continue to have,big problems with the van.So I cant agree with the vote.Sorry.

  3. We changed in 2006 to a Willerby Aspen 5 and have never been happier, great van and great choice.

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