Poll: Does your holiday park have recycling facilities, and do you use them?

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Lots of us recycle our paper, plastics, glass and even food waste at home – but what about when you’re at your holiday caravan?

Many holiday parks take environmental issues very seriously, with some going plastic-free, using renewable energy, undertaking wildlife conservation and even carrying out beach cleans.

We know you can’t go to your park right now, but in this month’s poll we’d like to know if your holiday park has recycling facilities and do you use them?

Recycling bins

Do they have special bins for you to separate your waste into around the park? Some parks might have them both outdoor and indoor recycling bins.

Simply choose from the options below and we’ll report back the results in May as well as some tips on being environmentally friendly when staying at your static caravan or holiday lodge.

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Does your park have recycling facilities and do you use them?

As always please feel free to add your comments and any green tips you might have for looking after the environment when at your park in the box below.

9 comments on “Poll: Does your holiday park have recycling facilities, and do you use them?

  1. our site patch caravan park takes environmental issues very seriously. to start with we are an sight of special scientific interest & help to protect all wild life + we have several large bins for recycling

  2. No recycling facilities. We take our recycling to the recycling centre in the nearest town or we put it in the car to take home. Not a problem as we now live less than an hour from our caravan.

  3. We have quite a few bin compounds and good recycling facilities. The only issue I would point out is that the bins should be cleaned more thoroughly after emptying as they can get pretty smelly, especially in warm weather

  4. Green Meadow at Oxwich only has a glass & Tins bin. Everything else is rubbishy which is a shame.

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