Poll: Have you upgraded to a newer holiday caravan?

Many static caravanners have owned their unit for a good number of years, so is it time for a newer model?

Newer holiday caravan

In this month’s community poll, we’d like to know if you’ve upgraded to a newer holiday caravan or lodge in the last 12 months. Maybe you’ve bought or are considering buying a pre-owned holiday caravan that is newer than yours, or you’ve gone all out and bought a brand new model?

Simply vote in our new poll by selecting one of the options below. And if you have bought a newer holiday caravan we’d love to hear about it in the comments box below.

Have you upgraded to a newer holiday caravan in the last 12 months?
Don’t forget, if you have changed your static caravan or made any big changes, such as adding decking or skirting, then you must contact your holiday caravan insurer to update your policy.
We’ll report back the poll results in May.

13 comments on “Poll: Have you upgraded to a newer holiday caravan?

  1. Bought an ABI Kielder lodge to replace a 17 year old wood model. The level of insulation is outstanding.

  2. Bought new Europa Cypress. Love the caravan but every bed squeaks really bad. Darent get out to the loo on a night.

  3. Bought a 20 year old Willerby Granada 18 months ago to see how we got on. May consider upgrade next year but probably not at same site.

  4. Caravan longevity depends on many factors, but some Site Owners stipulate a maximum period that the caravan is permitted to remain on site irrespective of how well it has been maintained. However, in the current financial climate I cannot see too may people spending the large amounts of money to purchase new caravans! Hence, many owners are facing difficult decisions over the next 12 months when the situation could deteriorate further.

  5. We only get 15 yrs on site with a New Van therefore we would be stupid to upgrade it is out of reach for ordinary people particularly as are fees are well over £4.000

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