Poll: How wide is your static caravan or lodge?


Static caravans and holiday lodges come in all shapes and sizes, with single units, twin units and large luxury lodges. But which holiday caravan width size is the most popular?

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In this month’s community poll we’d like to know how wide your static caravan or lodge is to find out how wide you’ll go when it comes to holiday caravan living! And feel free to tell us why you chose that width of caravan and if you’ve got aspirations to go wider…?!

Vote using the buttons below and we’ll report back the results next month.

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5 comments on “Poll: How wide is your static caravan or lodge?

  1. Me and my husband chose the 10foot wide because there is only the two of us use it most times. It is also a 3bedroom so if we have guests there is still plenty of room.

  2. We chose the slightly wider 14 foot as we are retired and live at our caravan for most of the time between March and October. The extra space is useful especially when we hold ‘get togethers’ with friends on site for BBQs or just a coffee and chat.

  3. Our park is reached by a narrow bridge over the a14 so we were limited to 12″. Having said that, it is the perfect size!

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