Common holiday caravan insurance claims in winter

Often wonder why you might need to call on your static caravan insurance policy? We thought we’d summarise some of the claims we’ve processed in recent months to show you why it really is worthwhile to have specialist holiday caravan insurance cover.

Mice nibbling the internals of a caravan, storm damage to roofs, lost freezer food and cracked shower trays, were some of our common insurance claims this winter.


And not forgetting the dog who got in the way of one caravanner causing them to trip and fall into a caravan door damaging the frame!

But, not surprisingly, it was storms and floods that were responsible for most of the damage to our customers’ holiday caravans, with 62% of claims from November 2015 to April 2016 being weather-related.


Caravan roofs were blown off and side panels, skylights and guttering were damaged, when some holiday parks took a battering from the many storms which hit the UK. Nearly half of our weather-related claims were for storm damage caused by strong winds, stones and falling tree branches.

roof damage to static caravan

Flood waters were also responsible for damage to more than 50 holiday caravans, as well as decking areas, fencing and sheds.


And lots of freezer food perished due to power cuts or freezer failure throughout this stormy and wet period.

The heavy downpours have also caused water to leak vents and has meant some owners returning to very damp caravans this Spring.

All these claims prove that a specialist static caravan insurance policy really is worthwhile to protect owners from the unexpected. But the Leisuredays claims team is available to deliver a smooth and efficient claims handling service and has a round-the-clock claims line.

Leisuredays’ static caravan insurance policy includes fire, theft, storm, flood and accidental damage. It also includes cover for removal of debris and resiting of a new unit if your existing caravan is severely damaged and needs to be replaced.

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  1. Have nothing but praise for the claims team as the storm damage to our holiday caravan was dealt with in next to no time with a totally satisfactory outcome

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