The Carnaby Serenade 392B two bedroom static caravan


Carnaby Serenade Exterior

Of all the static caravans we’ve reviewed this year, the 39ft x 12ft Carnaby Serenade 392B two bedroom model has to be one of the best, and with an ex works price of £40,369.39 including VAT of £1,786.39 it brims over with features and fittings. There are two other models in the range: a 35ft two bedroom (352B) and a 39ft three bedroom (393B), all three versions being12ft wide.

Included as standard are a fusion fully galvanised chassis, aluminium cladding, UPVC double glazing and wet central heating, whilst French doors in the end wall of the lounge, plastic cladding and environmental colours are options. The model reviewed here includes the options.

Carnaby living room

On entering the caravan, you turn left and walk past the second bedroom and shower room opposite into the kitchen and dining area before coming to the lounge at the end of the caravan. This comes complete with a two seater settee, two armchairs and a hexagonal coffee table. At night the settee can become an occasional bed to increase the sleeping numbers from four to six. The wall opposite the settee has been panelled, the focal point being the suspended electric fire.

Above the fire is a wall mount for a TV although it should be noted that the bracket is not included. However, HDMI connectivity is. Either side of the panel containing the fire and TV are further panels plus cabinets and glass shelves making the whole thing a very attractive feature of the caravan.

Serenade dining table and kitchen

The dining area forms part of the kitchen. Here, there is a basically rectangular table and four chairs. Adjacent to the table and chairs is a tall fridge/freezer and a larder store with slide out shelves. The main L shaped kitchen area is opposite. In addition to a one and a half stainless steel sink unit there is a range of wall and floor cupboards and drawers, not to mention a microwave, a hob and oven with electronic ignition, plus a curved glass and stainless steel fume extractor.

Carnaby serenade kitchen

Lighting in the lounge is via a six way pendant on the ceiling. Above the dining table there is a three way pendant and in the kitchen there is a light bar with four adjustable lights, plus lights in the fume extractor and on the underside of two of the wall cabinets.

A door from the kitchen leads into the hallway and the shower room and two bedrooms. The shower room is on the right as you enter the corridor with the shower cubicle to the right of the doorway. The cubicle has a sliding door and a thermostatic shower head. Adjacent to the cubicle is a ceramic washbasin and mixer tap sent on top of an open vanity unit. Above the washbasin is a shelf plus a two door mirror cupboard. The room then tapers to the wall opposite the shower cubicle where the low level toilet has been fitted.

Second bedroom portrait

Opposite the shower room is the second bedroom. This has two single beds with padded headboards above which is a built-in unit containing an open shelf and wall cabinets spanning the width of the bedroom, whilst facing the foot of the beds is another unit comprising two wardrobes, wall cabinets, and drawers.

master bedroom

The main bedroom at the end of the caravan has to be one of its best features. It has a double bed with under bed storage, and a large padded headboard. Either side of the bed are built-in units containing bedside cabinets, drawers, glass shelves, mirrors and downlights. Additionally, to the left of the bed, there is a large cupboard and three drawers whilst running down the left-hand wall is a wardrobe with sliding mirror doors.

On the wall facing the bed and adjacent to the doorway, is another mirror and narrow shelf next to which is the door into the en suite toilet compartment containing a low level toilet and a corner mounted pedestal washbasin.


To say that we were impressed by the Serenade would be an understatement: as we said at the beginning it is one of the best caravans we’ve reviewed in a long time and will we are sure, prove popular with buyers.

Carnaby floorplan

Ex works price: £40,369.39*

*The price quoted is ex-works, includes VAT, but excludes delivery, installation and any other costs as determined by the manufacturer, distributor, dealer or park owner. Please check the price carefully before you buy as it can vary considerably dependent on many factors including the geographical location of your chosen park.

For further information:

Carnaby Caravans Ltd., Lancaster Road, Carnaby Industrial Estate, Bridlington, Yorks., YO15 3QY.
Tel: 01262 679971.
Fax: 01262 670315.
Email: [email protected]


5 comments on “The Carnaby Serenade 392B two bedroom static caravan

  1. I would enquire if there is any consultation with Caravaners. I have been caravaning for 35 years and I can see a number of design issues.
    Thank you,

  2. Once again nothing exciting – same old drab colours that dominate caravans now, browns, greys,ugh. Why would I want to holiday in such a depressing environment. Caravan interior designers really need to get their act together to bring something exciting back to caravans. Check out the Cosalt caravans of the 80’s and 90’s – the Monaco and Rimini (1997 model) simply stunning colours and decor. What happened to caravans, I haven’t seen a single model that I would consider buying for years. I’ll stick with my 1997 Cosalt Rimini in it’s beautiful summer colours and decor. Everyone comments on how lovely it is, even now, and it’s 15 years old!!

  3. I agree with all the comments, the price; design;, & the comment that consultation, with present owners would highlight, many design faults like inferior & badly put together interior, & fittings. Have the caravan builders, ever tried to cook a meal,in the built in ovens, as you need a packed lunch while you wait for the 20 minute chips (= 1hour) I would not ever buy a new caravan again, the price outways the VFM.

  4. We purchased our Serenade in May! The design is super and we love the caravan. Yes, there are odd bits that could be better but on the whole it is wonderfully.
    Sadly we have lots of teething problems including wood in the mattress!! Park informed immediately but sadly still waiting for Carnaby to visit ! We have owned many vans including a carnaby ridgeway, that had lots of design faults. Love and reccomended the Serenade.

  5. I agree with everything Wendy Leonard said.If I had known,I would never have bought the total “crap”Willerby and its other now rubbish half,B.K.BLUEBIRD.I bought a top of the range,Willerby “SHERBOURNE”.Apart from the cheap nasty furniture,which is peeling,and falling apart,the fittings which have fell apart,everything leaks,the two sides and the front,fell apart,and had to be replaced,equally shoddy work,from there so-called fitters,the chassis rusting,the roof and cladding is total crap.New caravan,what a joke,and dont think of complaining,because you cant even get in touch with the ignorant,arrogant lying con.people they are.Dont even waste your time looking at anything with a Willerby or B.K.Bluebird crap name on it.You have been warned.

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