Tips for dressing up your static caravan decking

Most static caravans and holiday lodges will have the benefit of decking or a veranda and we know lots of you love relaxing outside.

And what better way to relax and make your holiday caravan decking or veranda your own special space than dressing it up with some outdoor furniture and other accessories.

Here are some accessories for dressing up your holiday lodge or static caravan decking:

  1. Solar lights

It seems no caravan decking or veranda is complete without solar lights these days and it can be quite magical to see your caravan lit up at night. Not just that, they might make it safer as you return to your caravan on dark nights. Whenever buying outdoor lights, check for the product’s Ingress Protection (IP) rating to see how well it will stand up to the elements when left outside on your caravan decking.

A typical IP rating for many outdoor solar lighting products is IP44. The first digit represents how well a light is at keeping solids such as dust and dirt out of the unit, whereas the second digit determines how well it is protected against moisture and rain. The IP scale for both digits runs from one to six with one offering the lowest protection. With the UK accustomed to a good old rain shower you may consider the second digit more important. And even the four in this case is expected to allow limited water ingress. Ideally it might be worth looking for products that offer a five or six rating which are fully waterproof. Regardless, it might be worth taking your solar lights inside when your park is closed for the winter months to reduce exposure to the elements and extend their life.

Solar powered fairy lights look great wrapped around your decking posts or hand rails.

fairy lights on static caravan

You might also want to consider some free-standing lights to sit on your tables or decking boards.

Solar lantern

You may also find you can buy post caps with solar lights built in from your decking supplier or you can buy off-the-shelf products such as the below.

Credit: GEYUEYA Home, Amazon

Where to buy?

  • 200 solar powered LED fairly lights £19.99 from Lights4Fun
  • 31cm Grey Rattan Solar lantern with metal legs – £17.99 from Festive Lights
  • Four pack of solar post caps – £56.99 from Amazon


  1. Privacy screening

Unless you have glass panels in your caravan decking balustrades, you’re likely to have wooden or composite plastic spindles with gaps in between. You might find this allows the wind to blow across your decking. You may also wish for additional privacy.

A popular option to reduce drafts and increase privacy is this bamboo cane garden screening.

Bamboo privacy screen
Credit: Sure Green Ltd (

You can buy rolls of it in various heights usually starting at 1 metre and it’s a pretty simple job to attach it to your decking posts and railings using garden twine or cable ties.

Another option is this artificial foliage hedge extendable trellis. Again, it’s available in a 1 metre height and 2 metre lengths and can be secured to your decking posts easily.

artificial foliage
Credit: Wayfair

Where to buy?

  • Bamboo cane screening from Suregreen  1m x 4m – £8.99
  • Artificial Foliage Hedge from Wayfair 1m x 2m – £107.99


  1. Planters

You can’t beat some greenery on your caravan decking. But before choosing your plants, you need to think about what you’re going to plant them in.

These tall planters are sure to add some style to your decking.

Tall concrete planter by Idealist

Make the most of your decking space with planters that hang from your decking balustrade handrails. Check out these cedar wood deck rail planters.

Credit: Premier Woof Studio, Etsy

Why not make your planters dual function with this larch wood planter bench?

Credit: Fat Leaf

In terms of plants, if you’re not going to be around all the time to water them, choose some hardy varieties such as Hebes, Ornamental Cabbage, Emerald and Gold, or Coral Bells. Whereas a Golden Creeping Jenny will look great when it trials over the rim of the planter.

Hebe ‘High Voltage’

Where to buy?

  • Tall tapered contemporary grey planter made from light concrete £62 from Get Potted
  • Cedar railing planter with a choice of bracket sizes to fit your decking handrail starting at £26.35 from Etsy
  • Larch wood bench planter starting at £345 from Fatleaf

What else can you do to dress your decking?

Bird feeders, hot tubs, garden ornaments and of course outdoor furniture can all help to make your veranda or decking a perfect oasis.

Just remember if you do spend significantly on accessories for your decking to make sure their cost is reflected in your static caravan or lodge insured contents value.

Over to you?

What have you done to dress up your caravan decking? Let us know in the comments below.


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