Your top indoor games to play

Holiday caravanners have revealed their top games to play when they’re gathered together indoors.

In last month’s community poll we asked what your favourite indoor game was when on your caravan holidays.

Here are the results…

Some old favourites made the top 10, with the timeless board game Scrabble taking first place with a fifth of the votes.

Good old fashioned playing cards were also popular, taking second place and tied with card game UNO, with 14 percent of the votes.

Taking a joint share of the fourth spot with just eight percent of the votes were dominoes and the classic board game Trivial Pursuit.

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Another board game, Ticket to Ride, and jigsaw puzzles were also tied, taking sixth place with six percent of the votes.

Monopoly was in seventh place, along with a game called Triominos, which was added by a reader.

Mystery game Cluedo took the 10th spot, along with another card game Dobble.

There were a few other games listed which only got a small number of votes in the “other” section, which included Family Quiz night, Jenga, Sequence and Guess Who.

Thanks to everyone who voted and we hope you enjoy some quality time together playing these games in your holiday caravan or lodge.

Over to you…

What do you make of the results? Did your favourite indoor game make the cut? Let us know in the comments box below.

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