Tips for reducing condensation in your holiday caravan

A build-up of condensation in your static caravan can lead to problems with damp.

Condensation forms when warm moist air comes into contact with a colder surface and it’s more noticeable on surfaces that don’t absorb water such as windows, tiles, and sometimes walls.

You might not think you have a problem with condensation until you start to see mould growth or black spots on surfaces.

The main causes of moisture in a holiday caravan are cooking, showering, drying wet clothes, plus, a lack of ventilation and consistent heating.

Hot shower

Our top tips on reducing condensation in your holiday caravan

  • Make sure all rooms are well-ventilated and heating temperatures a consistent, particularly when cooking and showering.
  • Wipe excess moisture off windows when it starts to build up or consider investing in a window vacuum cleaner
  • When cooking use lids on pans and if you have an extractor fan keep it turned on whilst cooking and for a little while after. Keep internal doors into the bedroom area closed and open a window for ventilation.
  • When showering keep the bathroom doors closed and if possible leave windows open to let moisture escape. If you have an extractor fan, leave it on for a while after you have finished to draw out any excess moisture.

2021 Omar Kingfisher lodge bathroom

  • Make sure vents and windows are regularly opened to ventilate your caravan

Open windows to keep cool in your static caravan

  • Keep curtains open during the daytime to let moisture escape through any window vents
  • Make sure kitchen and bathroom extractor fans are working efficiently and regularly clean the filters and grills. Periodically clean them from the outside and make sure they’re not blocked.

Regal Somerton Hob & Extractor

  • Make sure furniture, cushions and beds are not touching external walls – leave a small gap to let air flow through
  • Regularly clean behind beds, sofas and cupboards and occasionally move furniture to allow air to circulate

If you start to see mould or damp spots on your caravan walls or ceilings,  surfaces, clean with a disinfectant or look for specialist fungicide treatments and follow the instructions on the bottle.

damp in static caravan

In the colder months, you could use a dehumidifier to extract water from the air inside your static caravan as well as leaving interior, fridge, freezer and cupboard doors ajar. It’s important to leave windows closed and to regularly empty the water tank. When your holiday caravan is empty you could also try moisture traps too.

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14 comments on “Tips for reducing condensation in your holiday caravan

  1. A window vac ( like Karcher) is brilliant for removing excess water in the shower unit and other glass. The room dries off much quicker.

  2. We have done everything you have said. But still got damp and know it’s going black its on walls and floor . Can you tell me what to use on the walls in caravan.

  3. Never miss an opportunity to enjoy fresh air
    And I often put my pillows and duvet over the decking to freshen up

  4. When we close up in winter we leave tubs of salt in each room , two in larger spaces , this absorbs excess moisture and is a cheap and effective way of controlling mould and damp issues

  5. Each morning I open all door/cupboards containing clothes and open windows for an hour.
    When I go away I do the same….but windows closed.

  6. The trouble is with leaving a gap between the cushions and the outer wall it is not possible with fitted furniture as pulling them away only works if your not sat down. We have a bit of mould on the back of ours from this. We move them away when not there and in winter

  7. Bowls of Cat litter.
    Use unscented cheap bags, I bought a 5kg bag from ASDA for £2

    Place filled bowls in cupboards, on bedding, in all rooms, don’t forget the loo, Jack & Jill, on furniture, in the kitchen and on the window sills and floor.

    The cat litter will attract the moisture and soak upon the bowl.

    1. A tray of (unused) fresh cat litter!
      Leave all the wardrobe doors open when u leave the van!

  8. We put small bowls of salt in cupboards etc… along with a row of Awro 360s down the middle of the van. Leave all cupboards and doors open and not had any issues as yet.

  9. Bowls of salt or cat littler work amazingly and leave all cupboard doors open slightly
    I was also told to leave all curtains open to let the sunlight get in the van

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