Will you be holidaying in your caravan or lodge this winter?

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With all the disruption caused by the pandemic over the last 18 months and more, it’s great to see many holiday parks have extended their opening times this winter.

It might be wet, cold and windy but it’s still a great time to enjoy a much-needed break away in your static caravan or lodge.

In this month’s community poll, we’d like to do if you’ll be holidaying in your caravan or lodge this winter? Or maybe you’re planning a different kind of holiday, such as a trip abroad, or a stay in a hotel? Or maybe you’re staying at home.

We’ll report back the results in January 2022.

And if you will be holidaying in your static caravan or lodge in the coming weeks and months why not read our five tips for using your static caravan in winter.

Thanks for voting!

5 comments on “Will you be holidaying in your caravan or lodge this winter?

  1. I stay in my static two nights every week over the entire winter season.
    It’s a lovely quiet and relaxing time.

  2. We will be staying in our Willerby Vogue until our site closes on 05/01/2022 subject to any new covid restrictions. We chose a 10 month site so we could enjoy our caravan most of the year.

  3. Almost every weekend we go to our van on the coast. (We’re both teachers and need the peace). We’ll be setting off tomorrow to spend Christmas and New year there before the site closes down after the first week of January.

  4. My Willerby Portland is on a park in Northumberland. During storm Arwen we had a power cut, but still I went to stay, silly really as it was so cold! but I used the oven to keep warm as it is gas. It is well insulated so I was nice and cosy..

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