Willerby Winchester Mk 4 holiday home

Willerby Holiday Homes must be doing something right in view of the fact that the company has produced the Mk 4 version of its two bedroom Winchester holiday home. And it also has a three bedroom option, plus an Outlook model featuring French doors. Additionally there’s a further open plan version, with all the homes being a standard size of 38ft x 12ft 6in.

Willerby Winchester Mk4 exterior

To be honest, the exterior of the home isn’t that much different from similar size holiday homes, being built on a galvanised chassis and having aluminium cladding. Where the Willerby Winchester Mk4 does differ from some of the competition is the fact that it has both double glazed PVCu windows and doors, plus gas central heating as standard.

Willerby Winchester Kitchen and Entrance

As you enter the Willerby Winchester through the front door, the kitchen is immediately on your left with the dining area opposite. Immediately to the right of the doorway is a 70/30 fridge/freezer followed by a base unit with a double door cupboard and four drawers. Above this unit is a wall unit comprising a cupboard and space for an optional microwave. The sink unit with cupboards below is to the left of the doorway.

Willerby Winchester Mk4 Kitchen

At the end of the sink unit is the party wall with the lounge and it’s here that the gas oven plus a four burner hob and grill have been fitted. Behind the hob is a glass splashback and above it an extractor hood. At the right-hand end of the cooker – and at right-angles – is a base unit with a semi-circular end worktop forming a small breakfast bar. It is convenient to point out here that all the units in the kitchen, lounge, and elsewhere, are very dark wood-effect which for us was too dark. No doubt however, others will disagree since colour schemes are very much a personal choice.

Willerby Winchester Mk 4 Dining room

Opposite the doorway, facing the kitchen is the dining area which, although not large, could seat up to six. Standard furniture comprises a rectangular table and four upholstered matching chairs.

Willerby Winchester Lounge Sideboard

A feature of the Willerby Winchester which we especially like is that the lounge is totally separated from the kitchen and dining areas by a party wall and doorway. The lounge is basically rectangular although the kitchen does encroach slightly. The model we visited had the optional French doors in the end wall but bay windows are standard. Furniture comprises two arm chairs and a sofa bed enabling the home to sleep six.

Willerby Winchester Lounge TV and Fireplace

There’s also a low level table for a TV, an electric fire fitted on a panel on the home’s back wall, a nest of tables and a freestanding display cabinet on the party wall within the kitchen. The panel containing the fire also includes two small illuminated display recesses above the fire, whilst general lighting is from a pendant ceiling light with five arms.

Willerby Winchester Mk4 shower over bath

A door from the kitchen leads into the night time accommodation. The first room on the left is the bathroom which has a bath and a thermostatically controlled shower above the taps. The walls surrounding the bath are clad with white plastic planking. Next to the end of the bath and protected by the shower screen, is a tall unit with shelves and a cupboard for toiletries.

Willerby Winchester Mk4 toilet and basin

Facing the end of the bath is the low level toilet with its cistern built into a unit which also houses the home’s gas boiler. Next to the toilet is a short partition the other side of which is an attractive unit containing a large circular washbasin with a mirror above it.

Willerby Winchester Twin Bed

The home’s second bedroom is across the corridor from the bathroom. For a second bedroom we thought it a good size. It has two divan beds separated by a bedside cabinet whilst above the headboards are cupboards and shelves. Reading lights have been fitted on the underside of the cupboards whilst opposite the foot of the divan on the home’s outside wall is a floor to ceiling wardrobe with a TV point at high level. In the base of the wardrobe are three drawers and on the wall next to it is a large mirror mounted on a panel.

Willerby Winchester Double Bedroom

The main bedroom at the end of the corridor has a king-size bed with lift up storage and a series of cupboards on the wall above the headboard. The room itself takes up the full width of the home and is large enough to have its own small en suite toilet in the corner adjacent to the head of the bed. On the home’s front wall is a small seat below the window followed by a dressing table with a mirror and cupboard above it. Next to the dressing table is a single wardrobe with three drawers in its base, whilst on the opposite wall, between the en suite and the party wall with the bathroom, are two more wardrobes, each having double doors with framed mirrors. Below each pair of doors are three drawers so that overall there is plenty of storage for clothes. The en suite has corner mounted pedestal washbasin with a mirror above it and a three shelf unit above the low level toilet.

Willerby Winchester Mk4 ensuite

Main features

PVCu double glazing throughout

Gas central heating

Separate lounge

En suite toilet to main bedroom

Thermostatically controlled shower in the bathroom


The Willerby Winchester MK 4 has many things going for it and in our opinion offers good value for money. We liked the fact that it is built on a galvanised chassis and comes with double glazing and central heating as standard enabling it to become a year round holiday home. It also has plenty of storage space for clothes etc as well as having all the appliances we think most people will want – although sadly a microwave is not standard.

Our main reservation concerns the dark wood-effect of the units which we felt some, like us, would find somewhat overpowering. The same home with light oak colours would, in our opinion, be more pleasing. Similarly, in addition to the glass splashback behind the hob we would have liked to see the walls in the kitchen tiled. But these small criticisms apart, the Winchester MK 4 is a home which should appear on the list of anyone looking for a new mid range holiday home.

So what’s your opinion on the dark wood? Should Willerby offer a lighter alternative or do you think its modern design is refreshing and stands out from the crowd? Leave a comment below and tell us what you think.

Willerby Winchester Mk 4 floorplan


Type: Single holiday home

Standard: EN 1647

Size: 38ft x 12ft 6in


For further information: Willerby Holiday Homes, Imperial House, 1251 Hedon Road, Hull, HU9 5NA. Tel: 01482 713838. Email: [email protected] Website: www.willerby.com

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17 comments on “Willerby Winchester Mk 4 holiday home

  1. I totally agree it looks fabulous but I dont like dark wood at all and in such a small space it looks too over powering.

  2. The wood is far too dark and makes it looks uninviting .We are pleased to own a 2006 Willerby Winchester but we would not change to a new Winchester with wood like this, so please lighten it up.

  3. We own a 2007 WInchester Mk 2 – it is superb! Willerby are going backwards with the Mk 4. Not only is the wood far too dark, but separating the dining/kitchen area from the lounge makes it look (and probably feel) a lot smaller. We love the open plan effect whereby you can see (and communicate) with others wherevever they are. Also, the Mk 2 is much more versatile for eating as the table can be turned to easily accommodate 6. Pendant lights and a 3-piece suite make it look more like where you live and not where you go on holiday! In my opinion, they have ruined a great design.

  4. We have bought the new Winchester Mark 4 and are delighted with it. It feels spacious and comfortable. The bathroom is great and it’s lovely to be able to shut the door on the kitchen
    when sitting in the lounge. The dark wood is what we like about it. It gives a classic look and does not make the rooms feel small as large windows provide plenty of light. Great value for money.

  5. We too looked at the Winchester recently, whilst searching for a bigger van to replace our much loved 2006 Granada XL.My husband didn’t mind the wood colour but I found the dark wood made it feel cold.We have now ordered the BKSheraton which I believe is is now part of your group.

  6. We have just purchased the Willerby Winchester Mk 4 and are absolutely delighted with it. I did have reservations about the dark wood but love it, it is very modern and cosy. We bought the model with the seperate lounge and it is more like a little bungalow, great when cooking as you can close the door and don’t get the cooking smells and lovely and warm in the winter. It also gives you a 3rd bedroom if needed as you can use the kitchen and dining room without disturbing people sleeping on the sofa bed. Highly recommend this model.

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE the dark wood – it’s the ‘caravanny’ cheap wood tone that we didn’t even look at. With the only van we found with this dark wood, I’m thankful! Great reputation, manufacture and dark wood tones! Saw it on a lovely day at the seashore, steeped in sunshine. Gorgeous! We are just completing our purchase now! THANK YOU! Please don’t take it away as your opinions, show: it’s a great option!!

  8. wood is magic ive got a 2005 westmorland that iam selling to get the winchester please can you send me a price list thankyou jimmy

  9. We have a 2007 model with the light wood, it is light and gives a more spacious feel. The dark wood effect is oppressive and cheap looking. Would definitely never swop for this model. The wash basin in the bathroom appears to be cramped in a corner, awkward to use and water spashed up the wall? Our Mark 2 has a larger table and 6 chairs. This model seems a backward step.

  10. we’ve just purchased this model and we LOVE it . the dark wood makes it feel warm and homely . the secluded lounge is fantastic . it keeps out cooking smells , reduces tv noise through to the bedrooms when our son goes to bed , and also if we had guests it would be another bedroom .its lovely to have a bath aswell. there is a few things i would change, the radiator in the kitchen has a display cabinet directly above i think it would be better if it was over by the dining table. the door into the van has clear glass so people can see straight in. the lounge could do with a bit more ambient lighting .the lighting thats soft in the main bedroom you can’t switch on/off from your bed . having said this ,i am totally in love with my willerby winchester !

  11. We were going to purchcase the Winchester Mk 4 and did have it on order. But on reflextion, we changed our mind because the wood is far far to dark. We own a Willerby Vouge which has light ash wood, and kept going back and forth, and in the end the light wood won. The dark wood did seem to close everything else.

  12. we have the winchester willerby 2011 and we love it. we were concerned about the dark wood and the main bedrrom being too small and the ensuite loo being too close to bed. but after living it in and having it we love it. the lounge is gorgeous and the kitchin is plenty big enough.we have the one with the door on the kitchin as we have dogs we didnt want in the living room. we have 2 labs and they roam the kitchin while i cook and its fine. this van is wicked and i love it. although our kitchin tap has been broken from day 1, a light doesnt work, shower leaks and few more problems that havent been sorted for over 5 months. these are the negatives…bad customer service at willerby!

  13. We got the Winchester Mk4 last year and we love it, it’s a second home for us. We actually prefer the dark wood finish.

  14. I will have this caravan tomorrow 31/01/2012. And i think the dark wood is stunning.Best caravan i have seen and i have seen a few . A trully stunning willerby winchester

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