Winter holiday caravanning plans revealed

Many modern static caravans are suitable for winter use and many parks are staying open for 11 months. After the numerous lockdowns and uncertainty over the last couple of years, it’s no wonder many owners will want to go to their holiday caravan for a winter holiday this season.

static caravans in winter

In last month’s community poll, we asked owners if they would be holidaying in their static caravan or lodge this winter, or possibly going on a different kind of holiday, or if they planned to just stay at home.

Winter holiday plans

After more than 100 votes, a mighty 70 percent of caravan and lodge owners polled said they were planning a well-earned winter holiday in their pride and joy in 2021 and 2022.

winter holiday caravan plans

But just over a quarter of voters (27 percent), said they would be staying at home this winter. This could be because their park is closed for winter or that their static caravan is not suitable for all-year round use.

Just one percent said they would be going on a winter holiday by aeroplane or going on a winter cruise.

Your winter holiday plans

Robert Mays said he would be staying in their Willerby Vogue until their park closed this month.

“We chose a 10-month site so we could enjoy our caravan most of the year,” he added.

Teacher, Matt Foreman, said they go to their caravan on the coast almost every weekend. They spent Christmas and new year at their caravan before the site closed for winter in early January.

Static Caravan in winter

Clare Carey told us that she stays in her static caravan two nights every week over the entire winter season: “It’s a lovely quiet and relaxing time,” she commented.

And Ann Ford says she loves staying nice and warm in their holiday caravan over the winter.

Heated blanket

Thanks to everyone who voted and commented, if you’re holidaying in your caravan this winter don’t forget to check out our five tips for using your static caravan in winter and for keeping warm.

And don’t forget to drain down your holiday caravan when leaving it unattended in winter to protect it from damage and to make sure you’re covered in the event of an insurance claim.

We hope you have a wonderful time on a winter holiday or at home.

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