Winter caravan holidays – is your static caravan up to standard?

Many static caravan owners will visit their unit each weekend or plan a stay in the winter months.

And more and more holiday parks are staying open over the winter months as holidaying over the Christmas and New Year period increases in popularity! But before you take that extended winter break, it’s worth checking your static caravan is built to the right standard so it can be used efficiently and extensively during the colder weather.

Static caravan in snow in winter

A variety of new statics will come with double glazing and central heating – allowing you to take advantage of using your caravan in colder weather.

The different build specifications

Most static caravans are built to the holiday home specification EN 1647, which means they’re only designed to be used as temporary or seasonal accommodation, not for permanent all-year round use.

Static caravan park

Lodges and some static caravans are built to a residential build specification BS 3632. These units have extra insulation in the walls, flooring and roof, as well as double glazing, and can be used all year-round.

Pemberton Rivendale Lodge

Is it okay to use my static caravan in winter?

First of all you’ll need check your park’s licence. If it has a full 12 month holiday licence then you’ll be able to enjoy a winter stay. Just remember to make sure you winterise your caravan according to your insurance policy when you leave so you remained covered and don’t invalidate any warranties.

If your caravan isn’t built to a residential standard it will be given a thermal rating that assumes it isn’t used when temperatures are very low as it won’t be as well insulated as a ‘bricks and mortar’ home or a caravan built to BS3632 standard.

If you want to holiday in your static occasionally in the winter months, you could upgrade to double glazing and central heating if your caravan doesn’t have these features already. Some manufacturers will offer thermal upgrades – Willerby’s Therma-max upgrade provides the same level of insulation and window specification as a residential caravan or lodge. Make sure your heating system is well maintained and in tip top condition so you can enjoy a warm stay in your caravan.

If you want to spend lots of time in your holiday caravan or lodge in the winter then it’s worth buying a model that is built to Residential Standard BS 3632. You can then be confident that your caravan is well insulated, has an effective central heating system, energy efficient double glazing and enhanced ventilation.

Willerby’s technical team said they recommend using BS3632 units in winter because of their increased insulation to floors, walls and roofs.

If your static is built to a holiday caravan EN1647 specification and you want a winter break then you’re going to need some extra blankets, hot water bottles and possibly some extra portable heating for colder nights.

Hot water bottle and blankets

Condensation can also a problem in the colder months so it’s worth placing bowls of salt or dehumidifier crystals around the caravan to soak up excess moisture in the air.

Am I still insured for winter use?

Here at Leisuredays, we recognise that some customers will use their static caravans and lodges throughout the year. If you’re a current customer your caravan or lodge must be sited on a licensed holiday park registered with the local authority for you to remain covered in the winter period, and you must drain down from November 1st to March 15th if you’re not using your unit and your park is closed. If your park has a residential licence and not a holiday licence then you need to take out our park home insurance instead.

If you do spend most of the year in your caravan or lodge you might also want to consider extending your personal possessions and emergency accommodation insurance cover as you’re likely to have more high value high risk items with you, such as jewellery.

6 comments on “Winter caravan holidays – is your static caravan up to standard?

  1. Hi.
    Just a question. We have an Ambleside premiere which is BS3632 Standard. We have the two bed version and in bedroom two with two single beds in it one of the beds are up to the external wall and in the winter months it is very very cold and the duvet feels damp in a morning.
    Would you think this is the norm for the winter months or even for Feb..

    I just wondered why it was so cold when the home is provided with two beds and realistically if it was residential spec one would think we would not have an issue..


    1. Hi Steve, we’ve checked with ABI and your holiday caravan is not built to residential specification so will not have the extra insulation in the walls and floor. Keeping the heating on low should help and the position of your caravan on the park might also have an impact on the amount of exposure to the cold weather. It’s worth speaking to your park owner for advice.

  2. Then it is not a ambleside premier because the premier is only built to the bs3632 residential spec.

    1. We have Abi Horizon 2017 model which is British standard but only EN 1647 which means 5% vat had to be paid.We thought at the time of purchase this holiday home would be fine to use all year round if on a residential park after present 9 month only holiday park. It’s a cold caravan so we installed a new £2000 gas central heating system. Seems because of this and other enhancements, our warranty is null and void. Nice to look at inside and out but very cold Spring and Autumn. Condensation bad in bedrooms and found it at the back of the seating in living room area as well.

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