Anchoring your static caravan or lodge

Stormy weather can strike at any time, as we’ve recently experienced with Storms Ciara and Dennis, making your static caravan vulnerable to damage. Here we look at why anchoring your static is so important.

anchoring on static caravan

What is anchoring?

Your holiday caravan will have anchor points at the front and back of the chassis, close to the axle stands. Chains are then attached to the caravan and a ground anchor, shackle or spike in the concrete or gravel base.

Anchoring on static

Why is anchoring your static caravan important?

Static caravans can be very vulnerable to storm or flood damage and are often left unattended for periods of time.

Anchoring your static caravan or holiday lodge will reduce movement and displacement in a storm, preventing it from being blown over during severe windy weather or even floating away during flooding – giving you that extra peace of mind when you’re park is closed for winter or you’re not at your holiday caravan and bad weather strikes.

storm winter peril

There’s also less risk of damage across a holiday park if all units are anchored, and for this reason, many parks will insist on caravans being anchored to their bases.

Securely anchoring your static caravan or holiday lodge to the base can be a condition of your static caravan insurance policy for storm damage cover to remain in place.


And adding skirting to your static caravan and decking will hide the anchoring chains and pipework underneath as well as helping to keep your caravan warmer by reducing wind underneath your unit.

Your static caravan insurance provider might ask you to anchor your structure at all four corners of the chassis. At Leisuredays we will allow our policyholder four weeks to anchor their unit. Check your insurance policy to see what condition applies to you.

Click for more information about our comprehensive static caravan insurance cover which includes cover for storm, flooding, fire and accidental damage as standard.

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