Poll: Do you anchor or skirt your holiday caravan?

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Anchoring and skirting your static caravan or holiday lodge has many benefits.

Anchoring on static

An anchored caravan will prevent it from tipping over or getting washed away during extreme stormy weather and flooding.

And caravan skirting will help to protect the underside of your unit and provide an extra layer of insulation by minimising draughts and reducing the risk of frozen pipes.

In this month’s community poll, we’d like to know if your holiday caravan is anchored at each corner and if it’s skirted around the bottom?

wooden caravan skirting

Simply choose from the options below and, as always, feel free to add any comments as to why you anchor or skirt your caravan.

We’ll report back the results in March, but in the meantime, you can read more about the importance of static caravan anchoring and the benefits of caravan skirting.

4 comments on “Poll: Do you anchor or skirt your holiday caravan?

  1. Our park owner stopped allowing owners to put skirting around their vans … even although we have a verandah around the van … reason given was access harder for workers to reach access points ..

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