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Prevent thieves breaking in

Your site owners will no doubt do all they can to ensure security on your park remains of the highest possible standard but with parks covering such vast spaces, it’s difficult for every static caravan holiday home to be monitored 24/7.

However long you leave your holiday home unattended, it is vital you follow a few security tips to keep it as safe as possible from thieves.

That may sound obvious but it’s very easy when in holiday mode to forget a few commonsense rules.

If you’re away for just a few hours on a day trip the most obvious measure is ensuring all doors and windows are locked and secure.

Ask yourself how confident you are that your existing locks will stand up to the pressure of someone trying to break in? You might consider upgrading them to a better quality lock.

When closing down your holiday home for a month or two over the winter it’s worth following a security checklist.

Try not to leave valuables and cash on display as it’s an open invitation for thieves to break in.

If you can, fully empty your cupboards and leave the doors open to show any would-be thieves that it is not worth them attempting to break into your property.

All items of value have been removed from this caravan

You could go one step further and make your position perfectly clear. A large sign clearly stating “no valuables are left in this holiday home” left in the window could deter a break-in.

Ask your park owner or manager for his or her advice. They may well recommend installing a monitored alarm system that will alert park staff to the fact someone has entered your static caravan or holiday home – such devices are very effective during the winter when your park has few people around. Ramtech seem to be the market leaders in providing such systems.

Warning! This site is protected by the Ramtech 24 hour security system

Alternatively, you could install a standard audible alarm that operates using a PIR sensor that will sound an alarm if it detects movement or a change in heat within your holiday home. If triggered, the noise generated should certainly encourage neighbours or site staff to rush to your home to check that everything is ok.

Holiday Home alarm

There are many options out there on how you can protect your holiday home. How much you are willing to spend on preventative measures is up to you but it’s always worth carrying out the basic security checks whenever you leave your holiday home unattended.

Visit our static caravan insurance section for more information about insuring your caravan holiday home.

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