Cleaning the holiday caravan is a often a one-off task!

Springtime is finally here, so surely it’s time to start thinking about a good Spring clean of your static caravan or lodge? But cleaning the outside of your holiday caravan is quite a mammoth job and many caravanners will either call in the experts or leave it to their park owner to organise.

Our latest community poll, revealed that it’s often a one-off task with more than half of voters only cleaning their static caravan or lodge once or twice a year.

Here are the cleaning poll results

We had 135 voters in our cleaning poll and almost a third of these (30%) said they cleaned their caravan or lodge twice a year and 28 per cent cleaned their unit just once a year.

cleaning poll results

A quarterly wash down was the third most popular choice with 21% of the votes and only five per cent reached for the shampoo and brushes each week.

Your comments….

Sandra Syers leaves her holiday caravan at Violet Bank Holiday Home Park in the Lake District in the care of the park team staff: “We have a great team in place when we pack up and come home,” she said, “We know we can relax until we get to come again.”

Rob Corbett says the best time to clean the outside of his caravan is when it’s raining.

“A telescopic brush with several buckets of water and car shampoo do a superb job and the rain rinses it off with no water streaks,” he said.

What do you make of the results? We’d love to hear your comments. Simply add them in the box below.

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