Which pet do you take on holiday with you?

April marks the start of National Pet Month and highlights just how much we love our furry and non-furry friends!

Pet poll - dog on holiday park

So, in this month’s community poll we’d like to know if you take your beloved pet on holiday with you, and if so, what kind of animal is it?

To vote, simply select one of the options below and if your pet isn’t listed select other and add it into the comments section.

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Also, feel free to add any comments about why you take your pets to your static caravan or lodge and if you have a special room or space for them. Or maybe your holiday park doesn’t allow pets on site…or you’re simply not a pet person….?

We’ll report back the results inĀ April.

11 comments on “Which pet do you take on holiday with you?

  1. My dog is family and i don’t trust anyone else with his care,if i couldn’t bring my dog with me i would sell up and stay at home with him,plus my hubby passed away a few days before christmas 2016 and my little dog is my companion .

    1. Couldn’t agree more Helen !! Sorry for your loss, but glad you have your faithful friend to keep you company. x

  2. Lost my wonderful companion (not pet) and do not want to rescue another just now. Enjoy paying attention to neighbours dogs.

  3. We have 2 cocker spaniels, Mollie who is 12 and a half and Gracie who is 8 and a half.
    They are our family and one of the main reasons we purchased a static caravan is to enable us to enjoy holidays with them.
    They love being away with us and enjoy the beach and swimming.
    We enjoy being ‘home from home’ and familiar surroundings – and of course – their own beds – make for great stays away!

  4. We have always had rescue dogs and so we would never leave our dog in a kennel in case he felt abandoned again.

  5. One reasons we got van was so dog could go with us away at weekends she loves it, watching sheep in field next door and beach walks tires her out its win win , if they stopped allowing dogs on site we sell up

  6. I take my two cats to my static as they are both very elderley and I would want dot be there for them if they needed to see a vet urgently.

  7. Our golden retriever Alfie loves going on his holidays to our caravan. He has his best friend Canu(Welsh for sing) in the caravan next door, they have grown up together and love to play together.

  8. Always take my spaniel x Indy. She’s originally from Spain so loves the beach and warm weather

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