Do you clean your static caravan or lodge exterior? New community poll.


As many of you are getting ready for the new season, in this month’s poll we’d like to know if you clean your static caravan or lodge exterior, or if you get your holiday park to do it for you?

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We’ll publish the results and some of our favourite comments on the blog next month.

7 comments on “Do you clean your static caravan or lodge exterior? New community poll.

  1. We have found that through the winter months are lodge has been effected by an unusually large coverage of green algae which will require are attention before Easter.Any assistance from the Holiday Park would be prohibitive and if we could not do this work we would consider bringing in an outside contractor.

    1. Check out for an item called Stanley Wet and Forget! I have the same problem on two areas of my static caravan and searched for a long term cure. Last year one of my neighbours gave me a little of the Stanley product to try and it seems to have worked well having got rid of the green algea and it seems to have stopped a recurrence. I ordered some from Ideal World to give the outside of my caravan a good going, over plus it can be used on the decking to stop the slippery scum that occurs during the wet season. Regards, Dale

    2. Simple cleaning & fool proof. Patio magic, is magic, it lasts months, pour it into a pumped spray container, spray every area of your van, leave for 24/48 hours, do not wipe off, voila, it eats into the algae & looks brand new, use twice a year, so easy. I have just done ours, it looks brand new!

  2. I will be cleaning the exterior of our Willerby Skyline with my Karcher Jet cleaner with a suitable cleaning liquid. But just make sure if you use a jet cleaner not to linger on sealed joints as this my get under the seal and you do not want a wet inside surface. I find that a back and forward motion, only stopping to concentrate the power on stubborn algae and other marks. The jet spray is great for cleaning the verandah decking and external windows.

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