Do you have decking on your holiday caravan?

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Decking on your holiday caravan or lodge is perfect for extending your unit’s outside living space.

It can be matched to your caravan cladding and will not only enhance the overall look and value of your caravan – decking is perfect for al fresco fun and dining!

Decking on holiday lodge

In this month’s community poll, we’d like to know if you have decking on your holiday caravan and if so, what kind? Is it PVC or wooden decking?

Simply vote using the following options and as always leave any comments about why you have decking (or not) in the comments box below. We love to hear your views, how big your outdoor space is and what you like to use your decking for.

We’ll report back the results in March along with a guide to choosing decking for your static caravan or holiday lodge.

25 comments on “Do you have decking on your holiday caravan?

  1. I love my decking, it is well made spacious and looks great. The only problem is the firm who installed it will not come out to do any repairs even though it is still under guarantee.

    1. Hi Roy, I had a problem with the company who re-installed my decking when I moved to a different caravan park. They did not install the walkway and left a lot of decking under the van. ( I told them to leave any excess as I could keep it for any repairs.) They told me a “cock and bull story” about why it could not be installed the way I expected. In Glasgow we have a College for Law students who agreed to take on my problem as a work study for the students and they were brilliant. The caravan site were told to have it done again by another company at no cost to me. OK it took me a year but I am delighted at the outcome. So go for it Roy. Ask the CAB for advice. Good luck!

    2. Have powder coated metal railings to match my caravan with natural wood coloured composite board decking across the front and down one side of my caravan. Love my decking. It is great for sitting out in the day or to watch the sun go down in the evening, and a safe place for the little one to play.

  2. Have a front decking of powder coated steel railings matching caravan colour with grey plastic composite boards

    1. Thinking of decking which does not need coating but not steel do you know which would be suitable

  3. Our decking is made from composite, rather than wood or PVC. Definitely a necessary addition with patio doors!

  4. I wanted plastic/composite decking… but my park said only wooden…. it’s awful .. needs cleaning, oiling staining .. it splinters!! & slippery when wet …… I have had it power washed 3 times && each time I’m disappointed with results… I’m not allowed to paint it either…

  5. Installation of our pvc decking was a major benefit to increasing the usable space of the pitch, accessed through french doors or the main side door, it allows easy access to outside entertaining or can contain pets or just to relax in the open air. It is also aesthetically pleasing especially when it compliments the static caravan colour scheme. Since having it installed it has generated interest from neighbours and visitors. The pvc deck is built on a hidden but substantial wooden framework and has steps with a gate at the main door along with a walkway (22 feet in length) to the main area at the french doors, which measures 8 feet depth by 16 feet wide. It is installed on a 38 x 12 Swift Ardennes.

  6. Replaced in 2019and painted up in traditional greens and brown the effect was a bit disappointing. Last year after lockdown we repainted in “modern” Grey’s and the result was stunning, everyone on the site has commented how good it looks!

  7. Just had composite decking installed on our upgraded caravan. Well worth the extra cost. Will be great to turn up and enjoy it rather than having to repaint every year.

  8. Had my caravan moved on the same site, the new decking, which I have to say is beautiful
    Cost 9k, the glass panels are fantastic and a wonderful feature, the composite pvc decking is easy to clean, the only issue is the 15 year warranty is about as useful as a chocolate fire guard …….a couple of issues ,and two years in they don’t want to know.

  9. Hello Everyone
    Well hopefully when a lot of you read my comment you might be able to help me and a few more people on our lodge park in North Yorkshire. The other day i received a letter from the parks owner stating that we a have to have Composite Type Decking by Augusts 2021, this he says is a Health & Safety Rule, I was speaking to a mate who has a static caravan on the East Yorkshire Coast & he said that the owners of his park tried to tell everyone on there park the same a couple of years ago and still there are lots of people who still have wooded decking around there caravans on the site. So my Question is this, Is it a Rule That as come from the Health & Safety Excequtive or is our park owner trying it on has he as a company all ready and waiting to give owners a quote for the Composite Decking. Thank You.

    1. From an insurance point of view, we don’t rate differently whether the caravan’s decking is made from plastic composite or wood and we know that many parks still permit wooden decking even on new units. But ultimately it’s probably worth exploring with your park operator in more detail as to why they have made this decision.

    2. Did you change your decking, as we have been told to take our wooden decking down by the end of this year. We don’t now what to do. There’s about 60% of people on our site with wooden decking, some of them have started to take them down as there is a threat of kicking people of site if decking is not removed. We been on here for 17 years. The new owners took over 6 years ago and our decking has been up for 8 years. Any advice would be appreciated.

  10. We have both front and side decking in UPVC in an “L” configuration plus skirting. It provides great extra space and not only looks good but is also easy to keep clean. Wouldn’t want to be without it!

  11. We have a 20ft x 40ft Victory Provance. A full width 40ft x 8ft rear deck via bifold doors and main access via 8ft x 12ft deck in composite with smoked glass panels couldn’t imagine life without them.

  12. Our decking is composite but was a “Friday afternoon job” meaning it was not put up very well. Also, we do not get much sun on that side of the caravan, when it rains it doesn’t drain very well so it looks awful. It’s very hard to clean, takes an awful lot of scrubbing and elbow grease!!

  13. At present we have wooden decking but the floor needs painting twice a year, although the decking paint we buy states it lasts 5years it soon peels off and during the first lockdown with the good weather it blistered. We are hoping to replace the floor with upvc this year when we are allowed to return.

  14. We are on an elevated plot and have slate installed on the patio outside the lounge and dining area and have it carried around the side of the lodge to the entrance door with wooden steps down to the carpark is area.

  15. If you have a option don’t wast your money on wood , it rots and needs regular attention.
    Metal or plastic is the way to go.

  16. I have wood . same as yourself had to pressure every year, also paint with none slip ronseal 2x 5 litre tins a cost of £50 per tin, Astro Turfed over the top of it, grandchildren love it, best thing done.

  17. I would like decking but our site will only allow metre wide which is not enough to put table and chairs out and the whole point of decking is to sit on it

  18. My decking is wooden and is constantly rotting. I have spent £1000 replacing parts of it in the last two years and expect other parts to go in the future. Would like Upvc but was quoted £12000 a few years ago, I expect that figure to have gone up. A lot of money and I don’t think it is realistic even though we have the lodge until 2035.

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